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As Tech Jobs Increase, Linux Skills Top Priority List for Hiring Managers

By 2014-02-198月 22nd, 2017Blog


Are you a real Linux pro?US News & World Report recently published its annual ranking of the world’s “100 Best Jobs,” which orders the best occupations by demand, salary and employment rate, among other factors. For the very first time, Software Developer ranked #1 on the list, and systems administrator positions, from computer systems analyst to database administrator and more, ranked among the top 20.

If software developers and SysAdmins are the foundations for the new job economy, then Linux and open source are the brick and mortar.

Over the last decade, Linux has become the common platform for the software and systems that run our daily lives. In fact, 64 percent of the 4,000+ developers and IT pro’s we recently surveyed together for the release of today’s 2014 Linux Jobs Report said they chose to work with Linux because of its pervasiveness in modern day technology infrastructure. Linux developers and SysAdmins are behind Android phones and devices, car infotainment systems, 3D printers, supercomputers, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Chromebooks, TVs and even crock pots. 

It’s no wonder that this year’s Linux Jobs Report shows demand for Linux professionals is higher than ever. Companies like Amazon, Facebook, Google, Netflix, IBM, Intel, Samsung and Texas Instruments, among others, are looking to employ professionals with these skills to help them drive technology innovation.

The report shows that 77 percent of hiring managers are prioritizing hires for Linux jobs above other openings, and nine in 10 plan to hire Linux pros in the next six months – – and they’re planning to hire more of them. This year’s survey saw a three-point increase in the number of hiring managers planning to hire more Linux professionals than before. 

The proof? Eighty-six percent of professionals surveyed said knowing Linux has advanced their careers. There’s no debating that. In fact, you might say that combined with the U.S. News & World Report ranking, this report finally confirms what Linux developers and SysAdmins have long held true: Linux jobs really are the best around.

If you’re wondering if you qualify to be a “real Linux pro,” check out the few questions on the graphic to the left to see where you rank. And, to download the complete report, please our Linux Foundation Publications website.

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