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Linux Jobs Report: Linux Pros Work For the Love of Linux, Cutting-Edge Tech

By 02/19/20148月 22nd, 2017Blog

Linux professionals are well paid and highly sought after by job recruiters, but that’s not why they chose their careers. They are motivated by their love of Linux and working with the latest, cutting edge technology, according to the annual and Linux Foundation Linux Jobs Report released today.

Best thing about Linux jobsFifty-one percent of the more than 4,000 Linux professionals surveyed for the report said they are motivated by their passion for Linux, while 64 percent said they chose Linux because it’s so pervasive. Only 17 percent listed money as the No. 1 reason they chose Linux careers.

In fact, the top three reasons to be a Linux professional, according to survey respondents were:

1. Interesting projects

2. Working on the most cutting-edge technology challenges

3. More job opportunities.

Competition Drives Salaries Up

Still, job satisfaction is only one component of recruiting and keeping talented Linux system administrators, system architects and developers. High salaries, bonuses and other perks do help help sway talent to consider new positions in an increasingly competitive job market.

As more companies use Linux throughout the enterprise – and companies that already use Linux, grow – demand for top talent has surged, bringing with it competitive job offers for Linux professionals, according to the report.

Linux jobs report statisticNinety-three percent of the more than 1,100 hiring managers surveyed plan to hire Linux talent in the next six months. While 46 percent of hiring managers plan to increase the number of Linux pros they hire this year, compared with 43 percent who reported increased hiring in last year’s jobs report.

“Enterprises are increasingly describing Linux as a core part of the business,” said Shravan Goli, President of Dice in a press release. “In turn, hiring managers are turning up the dial on the incentives offered to technology talent with Linux skills.”

Linux professionals saw a 5 percent raise in average salary to $95,379 from $90,853 in 2013, compared with a tech industry average of 3 percent, we reported here last week. Companies are also offering more job perks. Thirty-eight percent of the 1,100 hiring managers surveyed for the Linux Jobs Report said they accommodate flexible work schedules or telecommuting and 32 percent offered salary increases above the company norm.

It’s little wonder then that 86 percent of Linux professionals said that knowing Linux has advanced their careers. Job opportunities abound, as 75 percent of those surveyed had at least one call from a recruiter in the past six months.

Given the high demand for these skills, said Linux Foundation Executive Director Jim Zemlin, “there is unlimited career advancement for developers and systems administrators who contribute to and seek out learning opportunities for Linux.”  

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