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What Does Your Linux Candy Heart Say?

By 2014-02-138月 22nd, 2017Blog

How does the penguin community celebrate February 14 every year? Is it with a box of chocolates? Maybe if it’s sitting next to our keyboards alongside multiple coffee mugs. What about little Necco Sweethearts? Those “luv you” messages seem a little too general to fully express the amorous thoughts of those with Linux already seeded deep in their hearts. 

So in the spirit of the #rejectedcandyhearts trend on Twitter we thought about command line junkies and kernel devs and asked, “What would their candy hearts say?”

For those who like to have fun with a holiday that can be a bit brutal sometimes, these hearts are for us. Share what your candy hearts would say with #Linux and #rejectedcandyhearts on Twitter, and we’ll help spread the Linux love.








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