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Linux Video of the Week: Yocto Project Saves Embedded Linux Devs from Frankenstein OS

By 2014-03-078月 22nd, 2017Blog

The Internet of Things market will grow in the next few years to reach more than $7 trillion, according to IDC, or up to $17 trillion if you believe Cisco CEO John Chambers.

Frankenstein codeAnd as the number of devices with network connectivity and Internet access skyrockets, so will the number of devices running embedded Linux. How will all of those smart appliances, wireless sensors, and more get built? With the Yocto Project, says Intel in this new animated promotional video.

Hacking together custom embedded operating systems from scratch is akin to building Frankenstein out of code. The video makes this analogy and then depicts embedded Frankenstein terrorizing developers and tearing down their projects.

“Building custom Linux is slow, expensive, and complicated,” says the video’s narrator. “A lot of projects end up at the mercy of a cobbled together, unsustainable Frankenstein OS.”

The Yocto Project’s open source toolset helps developers build a custom embedded Linux distribution on any hardware architecture by automating the low-level details of the build process. Thus, developers who use Yocto become super heroes, vanquishing Frankenstein and restoring their projects.

“Join the super developer ranks and embed fast, simple, brilliant results into your projects.”

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