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Linus Torvalds Reads Mean Tweets

By 2014-05-308月 22nd, 2017Blog
We recently visited Linux creator Linus Torvalds at his home office where we talked about The Linux Foundation’s‘Introduction to Linux’edX MOOC course, the way he works (more to come on this in the coming weeks) and Mean Tweets.

In the spirit of Jimmy Kimmel’s popular “Mean Tweets” series in which celebrity guests read aloud ridiculous things random people have tweeted about them, we asked Linus if he’d like to read a few tweets people have posted about him. If you know anything about Linus, you won’t be surprised to hear that this seemed to be his favorite part of our whole visit.

Compared to Jimmy Kimmel’s series, we kept it clean and relatively tame. But it is still a whole lot of fun to see Linus respond to people’s comments about programmers, Git vs Linux and gaming. It’s short but entirely sweet.

We hope you enjoy this and share it on Twitter with hashtag #MeanTweets.

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