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Linux Video of the Week: Limit Theory Game Developer Switches to Linux

By 2014-05-098月 22nd, 2017Blog

Limit Theory screen captureGame developer Josh Parnell has released the latest development update on his open-world space simulation and strategy game, Limit Theory. While the graphics are beautiful, this release is particularly notable because Parnell has switched to recording the native Linux client version of the game instead of the Windows version. 

Limit Theory is Kickstarter-funded as of December 2012 and has a planned release date for early 2014. When it’s finished, players will be able to explore space, prospect for and mine asteroids, command a fleet of star ships, and more.

This was Parnell’s 16th development update and the last update that will be a perfect power of 2, he says in the video. This update tours the latest graphics, from asteroids to planets and stars, and showcases the user interface and game logic of a star system built for mining and piracy.

“For the first time, I can say that Limit Theory really feels alive. NPCs buzzing around performing real tasks, just like the player. Asteroid fields lighting up with transfer beams and pulse lasers. The coming and going of ships at trade hubs. It’s all finally starting to come together to produce that feeling of being a small fish in an infinite sea,” creator Josh Parnell writes in his development update on Kickstarter.

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Correction: This post incorrectly stated that Parnell had recently switched to developing on Linux. Linux has been his main build for about 9 months. He recently switched to recording his update videos on the Linux version of the game.

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