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Marmalade CEO: Tizen is App Developers' Entryway to Wearables

By 2014-05-098月 22nd, 2017Blog

Harvey Elliott-MarmaladeTizen has created an opportunity for app developers to expand into wearable technologies, says Marmalade Technologies CEO, Harvey Elliott. Hundreds of games have already been added to the Tizen app store since Marmalade began offering SDK support last year for the Linux-based mobile operating system, he said. And this is just the beginning.

Developers who are interested in learning how to port their games and enterprise applications to Tizen on the Marmalade cross-platform development tool can learn all about it at the Tizen Developer Conference, June 2-4 at the Hilton Union Square in San Francisco. Here Elliott gives us a preview of his talk at the conference and discusses Marmalade’s interest and involvement in Tizen.

What does Marmalade do?

The Marmalade SDK is a powerful cross-platform tool that enables developers to deploy code across multiple platforms and devices from a single code base. At the core of Marmalade is the C++ SDK which provides developers with maximum performance and flexibility. Marmalade Quick, Web Marmalade and Marmalade Juice all build on top of the Marmalade C++ SDK but provide alternative solutions for developers who prefer to use Lua, HTML5 or Objective-C.

What is your involvement in Tizen?

Last year, Marmalade added Tizen support to our SDK, meaning marmalade developers are able to take their games and apps to the Tizen store, and already, via a successful Marmalade Developer Program, hundreds of games have already been accepted onto the Tizen store.

Why should Marmalade developers attend the Tizen Developer Conference?

The Tizen Developer Conference is a brilliant way for developers to get the very latest updates on the Tizen platform plans, and get exposure to the exciting range of partners and services already developing and designing services around the Tizen Platform. It’ll be a great way to share experience, knowledge and ask questions to the companies and people that are helping shape Tizen.

What can developers expect from the Marmalade speaking session?

I will outline the possible scenarios for how mobile apps could transition to wearable technology devices and the opportunities both now and in the future for both game developers and enterprise app developers who choose to develop for Tizen using cross-platforms tools. Then in the main expo, Marmalade engineers will be demonstrating at our kiosk the ease with which games and apps can be ported to Tizen using the Marmalade cross-platform tool, and showcasing just some of the hundreds of games already submitted to the Tizen store.

What do you hope to see at the conference?

The highlight for us will be to meet and talk to developers interested in the Tizen platform and to show case some of the amazing made with Marmalade games already on the platform.

Harvey Elliott is CEO of Marmalade Technologies Ltd. With an insatiable passion for new technology, games, and fostering creativity, Harvey is intent on ensuring Marmalade enables developers to create great content on any device, through a comprehensive range of easy-to-use and accessible technologies. Harvey has been leading Marmalade since June 2012, whilst also sitting on the Board of Trustees at BAFTA, chairing the BAFTA Games Committee, and chairing the BAFTA Children’s Committee. Prior to Marmalade, Harvey was Vice President & General Manager at Electronic Arts.

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