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Welcoming #MesosCon to CloudOpen

By 2014-06-188月 22nd, 2017Blog

A few years ago we put together the CloudOpen conference to unite the open source projects and products companies are using to create cloud or elastic computing infrastructures inside their companies: OpenStack and CloudStack, containers technology like Docker, data clustering platforms like Hadoop, storage platforms like Gluster and Ceph, and automation tools like Puppet, to name just a few. The defining characteristic of all of these projects (besides being open source) is that they are delivering on the promise of distributed and elastic computing to enable scalable and responsive infrastructures.

#MesosCon, the first ever conference dedicated to the Mesos ecosystem, is taking place in Chicago on Aug. 21 along with LinuxCon and CloudOpen.A few months ago I met with Twitter to discuss adding Apache Mesos into the CloudOpen and LinuxCon fold. Apache Mesos is the cornerstone of Twitter’s elastic compute infrastructure and fits perfectly into these events. Our aim is to bring the developers and users of these projects together with other developers and users of related projects to solve complex technical problems. These projects don’t live in a silo in a data center — they interact with each other and with Linux, the foundational operating system for them all — and thus we aim to provide a great collaboration space at our Linux Foundation events.

The Apache Foundation has just announced the program for #MesosCon, the first ever conference dedicated to the Mesos ecosystem taking place in Chicago on Aug. 21. The conference will begin with an introductory Mesos 101 workshop and keynote presentations from Mesos co-creator Benjamin Hindman (Twitter) and John Wilkes (Google).  The afternoon of day one will include single-track talks featuring:

  • Mesos frameworks, includingApache Aurora,Marathon,Spark, and a stream processing framework developed by Netflix.

  • An operations perspective on Mesos, including talks on the challenges of running an elastic cluster, and using Docker with Mesos.

  • Presentations from companies that use Mesos in production: including eBay, HubSpot, Airbnb and Shopify. These presenters will also participate in a panel discussion.

Registration is open and almost half-full already, so register if there is interest. I am also happy to see continued collaboration with Apache Software Foundation projects like Mesos and CloudStack here at the Linux Foundation. I think our collaboration is going very well.  

Also the program for CloudOpen this year is IMHO really stellar with a broad and deep line up of technical talks for DevOps professionals. By combining that conference with the add on events like MesosCon you can come away armed with a full tool kit to tackle elastic computing challenges.  Please register for CloudOpen or LinuxCon soon as we will likely sell out.

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