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Linux Creator Linus Torvalds is Your Guide in This Rare Look Inside His Home Office

By 2014-07-178月 22nd, 2017Blog

Have you ever wondered what the workspace of the world’s most famous developer looks like? Well wonder no more. Linux creator Linus Torvalds invites you into his home office in this first-ever, personal tour of his workspace. It also includes behind the scenes laughs and footage, as well as a closer look at what he keeps on his desk and what he does between kernel releases. He also demonstrates how he uses his “zombie shuffling desk” (his walking desk) while working on the world’s most ubiquitous software.


This is the continuation of a series that has featured Greg Kroah-Hartman and Steve Rostedt, among others. It shares Linux kernel developers’ workspaces and gives us all more insight on how best to work with the world’s top talent in software.

Enjoy the tour and hear more from Linus when he takes the stage at LinuxCon in Chicago on August 20.

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