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The Companies that Support Linux: Daynix Consults on Cloud and Virtualization Technologies

By 2014-08-018月 22nd, 2017Blog

Dmitry FleytmanThe modern data center is rapidly evolving, with the advent of cloud computing bringing new technologies, tools and best practices. As enterprises seek to understand and take advantage of emerging areas in virtualization and the cloud such as software-defined networking and storage, microservers and containers, many are seeking third-party consultants and services to ease the transition.

Daynix is a software development and consulting company based in Israel that helps companies navigate this new world of cloud infrastructure and virtualization. Its services range from hypervisors and paravirtualized devices development to cloud infrastructure. The company also works closely with open source communities on cloud-related technologies, which are rooted in Linux.

Last week Daynix was one of four companies to join The Linux Foundation as a new corporate member, along with BearingPoint GmbH, Linaro Limited, and Systena. Here, CTO and co-founder Dmitry Fleytman discusses the services Daynix offers, why they use Linux, why they joined the Linux Foundation, the emerging trend of hybrid cloud, and more. What does Daynix do?

Dmitry Fleytman: Daynix is the knowledge center for cloud technologies. We provide consulting and development services for virtualization and cloud core technologies. Our company is a strong believer in open source technologies and is actively helping its customers to convert to open source and become an active part of the related communities. Our services range from hypervisors and paravirtualized devices to cloud infrastructure development.

How and why do you use Linux?

When you look at the open source virtualization and cloud infrastructure – Linux is everywhere. It is a strong foundation that helps to grow the virtualization and cloud market and has a strong influence on other open source projects.

support Linux graphicWhy did you join the Linux Foundation?

We hope that this move will help us to convince our customers to become more active in the open source world. The Linux Foundation is a sign of the maturity of the Linux community and it helps to build the confidence in open source and Linux-based solutions.

What interesting or innovative trends in the tech industry are you witnessing and what role does Linux play in them?

We are looking now at the emergence of the hybrid cloud. Linux has a major role in this trend both being the cornerstone of the modern data center and being a base for many innovative technologies in this field. Other interesting trends are software-defined networking and software-defined storage, both having strong roots in Linux.

How is your company participating in that innovation?

We are contributors to virtualization-related open source projects. We are also helping our customers to adopt open source as part of their core technology and enable them to become active members of open source communities.

Anything else you’d like to add?

From my perspective every SW engineer should care about open source adoption in his company. Open source contributions are becoming your professional resume. Participation and active contribution to open source communities are the essential parts of being a software engineer.

Dmitry Fleytman is one of the founders of Daynix. He holds a PhD in computer science and has been a frequent participant of open source communities and contributed to various open source virtualization projects such as QEMU and OSv (a new cloud operating system). He is also very active in bringing open source to areas that have being traditionally closed by driving projects such as virtio-win guest drivers and USB redirection framework (USBDK).  

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