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Join Us at Vault: The Linux Storage and Filesystem Conference

By 2014-11-218月 22nd, 2017Blog

We’re currently accepting submissions for Vault, The Linux Foundation’s Linux storage and filesystem conference, happening this March 11 and 12 in Boston, MA. The call for proposals will remain open until December 1. Submit a session proposal and register to get your space.  

Why have a conference about Linux storage and filesystems? Over the last few years we have had enormous demand for conference education on Linux storage and file systems. As data has exploded so has the need for filesystem and storage innovation. And as the cloud, Internet and most data intensive workloads have moved to Linux, so has the need for a dedicated conference. 

We created Vault to bring together the leading developers in file systems and storage in the Linux kernel with related projects to forge a path to continued innovation and education. By being co-located with the invite-only and exclusive Linux File System and Storage Summit, Vault will tap into the expertise of the developers leading these innovations while offering a general technical conference that is open to everyone, creating a place where companies on the leading edge can network with users and developers to advance computing. 

We seek proposals on a diverse range of topics related to storage, Linux and open source, including:

  • Object, Block and File System Storage Architectures (Ceph, Swift, Cinder, Manilla, OpenZFS)
  • Distributed, Clustered and Parallel Storage Systems (GlusterFS, Ceph, Lustre, OrangeFS, XtreemFS, MooseFS, OCFS2, HDFS)
  • Persistent Memory and Other New Hardware Technologies
  • File System Scaling Issues
  • IT Automation and Storage Management (OpenLMI, Ovirt, Ansible)
  • Client/server file systems (NFS, Samba, pNFS)
  • Big Data Storage
  • Long Term, Offline Data Archiving
  • Data Compression and Storage Optimization
  • Software Defined Storage

This year’s Vault convention draws together some very strong community members for its program committee; including:

  • James Bottomley, SCSI maintainer and CTO, Server Virtualization at Parallels
  • Mel Gorman, Senior Kernel Engineer at SUSE & Chair of the Linux Storage, Filesystem & Memory Management Summit   
  • Alex McDonald, Industry Evangelist, Office of the CTO at NetApp
  • Chris Mason, Linux Kernel Developer at Facebook
  • Erik Riedel, Senior Director, Technology & Architecture at EMC
  • Ric Wheeler, Kernel File and Storage Team Director & Architect at Red Hat
  • Ted Ts’o, Linux Kernel Hacker at Google

These are kernel hackers and industry members who have dedicated years to this field. They’re accepting submissions for a wide range of talks, including topics on clusters and scalability, new hardware horizons, long-term archiving, big data, compression and many others. If there’s something amazing happening in the storage and filesystem world, you’re likely to find someone talking about it next year at Vault.

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