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The Companies That Support Linux: IIX Inc.

By 2015-01-088月 22nd, 2017Blog

Paul Gampe2015 will be the year that software-defined networking goes mainstream, according to Network World. And new Linux Foundation corporate member IIX is helping data centers, Internet service providers and telecommunications companies through that transition with its Linux-based software-defined interconnection (SDI) platform.

“We use Linux because we believe innovation starts by coming together,” said Paul Gampe, CTO of IIX. “Our customers are some of the most sophisticated enterprises in the world and we need an open playing field to be able to innovate new solutions together.”

IIX was one of three companies to join the Linux Foundation this week, along with Micron Technology Inc. and Planisys. By investing in Linux, these companies are helping to ensure it remains a viable, secure, community-driven and independent technology for numerous industries. Here, Gampe tells us more about IIX, how it uses Linux, why it joined the foundation and the role of Linux in creating a software-defined data center. What is IIX Inc?

Paul Gampe: IIX Inc. is a global software-defined interconnection company (SDI) headquartered in Silicon Valley, California. The company’s SDI™ platform enables programmable interconnection between networks that allow customers to gain more control, improve security, reduce costs associated with IP transit delivery, optimize network performance, and extend network reach across the globe. IIX customers include content providers, data center providers, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), carriers, and other enterprises globally.

The company is privately held and backed by New Enterprise Associates (NEA).

How and why do you use Linux?

Gampe: IIX uses Linux across the board. Many of us use Linux desktops. Linux powers our corporate website and it is Linux that drives our software-defined interconnection platform.

We use Linux because we believe innovation starts by coming together. Our customers are some of the most sophisticated enterprises in the world and we need an open playing field to be able to innovate new solutions together. Our goal is to ensure our customers can gain maximum value from our global network and open source and Linux is key to that.

Why did you join the Linux Foundation?

Gampe: I have been a contributor to open source for over 20 years and I have known (Linux Foundation Executive Director) Jim Zemlin for 10 of them. We have joined the Linux Foundation to pay our respects to the organization that ensured Linux succeeded when there were those who sought to shut down this collaboratively built operating system. We need the Linux Foundation to continue to thrive and that is why we joined.

“Study the past if you would define the future.” – Confucius

What interesting or innovative trends are you witnessing in the software-defined data center and what role does Linux play in them?

Gampe: Linux is the core of the global public clouds. Linux powers many of the world’s largest SaaS platforms. These two destinations, the global public clouds, and global SaaS platforms are the key destinations for the modern enterprise. Our global network and software-defined interconnection means the modern enterprise can quickly and securely get the best connection to these platforms.

How is IIX Inc participating in that innovation?

Gampe: Joining the Linux Foundation is the first of a series of initiatives we are undertaking. In the coming weeks and months it will become clearer how IIX is participating in open source innovation.

What other future technologies or industries do you think Linux and open source will increasingly become important in and why?

Gampe: Clearly Linux has been very successful in operating systems and virtualization domains. Linux is a growing force in the scale-out storage domain. It is inevitable that Linux will now play a strategic role in the network.

Paul Gampe is Chief Technology Officer for IIX, the global software-defined interconnection company. With 20 years of experience in information technology operations, software development and International business operations, Gampe has held senior executive positions at a number of industry-leading companies including Vice President of Worldwide Engineering Services and Operations at Red Hat. During his 12-year tenure at Red Hat, Gampe directed the company’s global function delivering software engineering services and pioneered the development of Red Hat’s Asian language products. He has previously participated in the Linux Foundation’s Linux Standards Base and OpenI18N Globalization Specification Steering Committees.

Interested in Linux Foundation membership? See the Corporate Membership page for more information.

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