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10 Linux Dream Jobs – What's Yours?

By 2015-05-128月 22nd, 2017Blog

What’s your Linux dream job? The Linux Foundation recently asked our Twitter followers to share their ideal Linux careers. Many responded that they’re already living the dream, working as sysadmins and developers (or by simply getting to use Linux in their everyday tasks.) While others imagine fulfilling careers not yet within their grasp. Here are 10 of our favorite responses, along with a few resources for learning more about each dream Linux career path.

Is there a Linux career you’d like to learn more about? Tell us in the comments. Or use #mylinuxjob on Twitter to tell us your thoughts, ask questions, or share pictures related to your job or workspace.

1. System Administrator




The Evolution of a SysAdmin

Linux Foundation Essentials of System Administration (LFS201) Self-paced Course

How Elizabeth Joseph Became a SysAdmin on HP’s OpenStack Infrastructure Team

Linux Foundation Certified SysAdmin and Certified Engineer

Linux Foundation SysAdmin Konstantin Ryabitsev, an SELinux Expert


2. Researcher/ System architect



Open Prosthetics Founder: Challenges Ahead for Open Source Medical Devices

Video: How Open Source is Improving Health of the Poor – Paul Biondich (LinuxCon North America, 2014)

International Team of Scientists Open Sources Search for Malaria Cure

Using OpenStack for Scientific Research


3. Linux Kernel Developer



Linux Kernel Newbies: Kernel Hacking

Learn How to Contribute to the Linux Kernel, Take the Eudyptula Challenge

Greg Kroah-Hartman on Contributing to the Kernel, Life as a Maintainer, Beer, and More

Why Contributing to the Linux Kernel is Easier Than You Think

Three Ways for Beginners to Contribute to the Linux Kernel


4. Open source program manager



Video: Eileen Evans – The New Open Source Professional (LinuxCon + CloudOpen North America 2014)

How Facebook’s Massive Open Source Push Delivers Better Code and Better Engineers, with program manager James Pearce

Enterprise Adoption of Open Source Practices is On the Rise

A FOSS Policy Template for Companies

The Path to Open Source Success (Infographic from BlackDuck Software)


5. Open Source Evangelist



Free Software Foundation

Software Freedom Conservancy

The Art of Community, Jono Bacon

30 Community Managers in Open Source to Follow on Twitter


6. Entrepreneur



CoreOS Co-Founder Alex Polvi Talks Open Source Commercialization, and More

Mark Shuttleworth on Turning Canonical Into the Next Apple

How to Create a Successful Open Source Business Model

5 lessons for any open source business transitioning to a revenue-based model


7. Software developer




Getting Started in Open Source Software

10 Ways to Start Contributing to Open Source

Linux Foundation course: Introduction to Linux for Developers

Linux Foundation Course: Developing Applications for Linux

Linux Foundation Course: Developing Linux Device Drivers

5 Open Source Projects to Join in 2015


8. Blogger



Why Technical People Should Blog (But Don’t)

How to Participate on

How to Write for Fedora Magazine

The 18 Best Blogging and Publishing Platforms on the Internet Today

Five Tips for Becoming a Tech Writer


9. Space explorer



NASA’s Cube Quest Challenge

DIY Rocket Science

NASA’s Open Source Code

Linux Foundation Training Prepares the International Space Station for Linux Migration


10. Android developer



Google’s Android Developer website

Google Training for Android Developers (Resources from Google)

So you want to be an Android developer? Start with these resources

Android Builders Summit 

The Linux Foundation
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