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Linux Foundation Training Kicks Off $79 Pricing for India

By 2015-07-238月 22nd, 2017Blog

India flagOpen source has always been about democracy, openness, and opportunity. In keeping with that spirit, at Linux Foundation Training we’re working to make high-quality professional Linux training available worldwide. As part of that, we’re excited to be able to offer Linux Foundation Training in India through a regional Linux Foundation Authorized Training Partner in the South Asia region.

Why India?

India is second only to the United States in inquiries regarding Linux Foundation training and certification but ranks among the lowest in Linux certification exam enrollment. The feedback we have received is that this population of IT professionals sees the opportunities Linux training and certification present but hasn’t been able to pursue these programs due to cost barriers. This is why our Authorized Training Partners program exists.

What About My Region?

In the coming months, additional regions will be considered for a similar program to help increase access to Linux learning materials to anyone who seeks to pursue a lucrative IT career. We’ll also continue to run events like our Summer Training Sale throughout the year to give people a chance to get a great deal on our training courses.

Why Authorized Training Partners?

We truly are dedicated to making quality Linux training and certification available to as many people as possible. You may be familiar with some of our efforts:

In the end, our goal is to promote the growth of Linux by ensuring that there are enough trained Linux professionals to meet the ever-growing need for Linux talent. That’s it! No tricks, no agendas, just really, really great Linux training and certification.

We’ll see you in class!

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