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Security Considerations When Moving from VMs to Containers

By 2015-09-028月 22nd, 2017Blog

foxWe recently ran a sponsored series from Fox Technologies on We want to thank the company for its support and for sharing useful information for SysAdmins and developers alike. Fox Technologies is continuing the conversation with a free webinar September 17 that will address security considerations in moving from VMs to containers. More information about this webinar is below. 

Taking Your Team Live With Containers

Learning from 15 years of AIX, HP-UX and Solaris Partitions in production – Why moving from VMs to Containers will make your Linux Security headache grow.

Application containerization, and bringing on the supporting technology underpinnings on Linux to make this work has made rapid progress over the last two or three years. Out of necessity most of the focus has been initially supporting DevOps. Productionising Cloud scale solutions using Container based technologies is still a new experience to many, and there can be some serious security pitfalls to be considered and mitigated early in your Production Ops design, especially if you are starting first with a move away from Virtual Machine based infrastructure.

This will be a discussion about the challenges organizations face in implementing Linux Container Production Operations, focused on the security strengths and limitations of various strategies for accomplishing this, and the paths already taken by your existing UNIX support teams that will also get your new Linux  Container based solution through its first Audit.  

Please register for this webinar today! 

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