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Winners Announced! Linux Pros Show Off Knowledge in #WorldWithoutLinux Contest But One Clue Stumps Them All

By 2015-10-298月 22nd, 2017Blog


If you’ve ever wondered what a World Without Linux would mean to you, you know it’s a ridiculous notion. That’s what the current World Without Linux video series attempts to illustrate in a fun and entertaining way that also gives gratitude to the thousands of developers and companies that support the operating system.

Included in the series are hidden easter eggs that require some level of Linux expertise to identify; though, if you’re a newbie, the clues and easter eggs are done in such a way that you can also surface the answers, putting you in the spotlight among Linux aficionados. It’s also a chance to win fun prizes – t-shirts, tattoos, pins – but perhaps most importantly, street cred among fellow Linux history buffs.

Please join us in congratulating our first two winners:

Linux Foundation Facebook fan Sławek Ariański found easter egg #1 found at :25 of the video. Sam’s license plate gives a nod to our fellow math lovers with a Pi tribute.



Andrew Bowers (@bigbadsubaru) correctly identified easter egg #3 found at :32 of the video, a sneak peek at the autobiography of Linus Torvalds, “Professional Burger Flipper.” This foreshadows a story that will be told throughout the episodes with a pay off in the final episode. 


Easter egg #3, though, seems to have stumped even the most Linux savvy among us. Help us surface the final easter egg from episode one and show the rest of the community what time it is. Tell us in the comments or on Twitter using #WorldWithoutLinux if you think you’ve found it!

The clue:

Tick Tock. It’s getting late in the library as Sam searches for the name of that Michael Jackson song. But how late is it?! And what does that signify?

Stay tuned for episode #3 where we’ve hidden three more easter eggs, as the tales of the zany world without Linux continue.

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