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This Week in Open Source News: AGL Updates, Why Pick Linux, & More

By 2016-07-018月 22nd, 2017Blog

1) Jack Wallen shares what’s new with Automotive Grade Linux and why it’s an important Linux Foundation Collaborative Project.

Automotive Grade Linux Wants to Help Open Source Your Next Car– TechRepublic

2) Daniel Robinson shares the latest reasons why it’s smart to opt for Linux
5 Reasons to Ditch Windows for Linux– The Inquirer

3) The ODPi’s Hadoop runtime has been adopted by data analytics vendors.

ODPi Advances Hadoop Standards with Open Source Runtime Specification– The VAR Guy

4) The Linux Foundation’s OpenHPC Project promises to reduce duplicated development, validation and maintenance efforts across HPC.

System Software, Orchestration Gets an OpenHPC Boost– The Next Platform

5) GitHub publishes data visualizations, show the impact of open source development on hosted projects.

GitHub Visualizes the Impact of Open Source– ADT Magazine

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