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This Week in Open Source News: Corda to Contribute to Hyperledger, Rowhammer Targets Android, and More

By 2016-10-288月 22nd, 2017Blog

This week in Linux and open source news, R3 has made its blockchain platform’s code public, a newly identified vulnerability threatens Android phones, and more! Keep your finger on the pulse of OSS with this weekly digest.

1) Corda’s code will be contributed to the Hyperledger Project.

R3 Blockchain Code Goes Open Source– Banking Technology

2) Rowhammer attack targets an Android phone’s dynamic random access memory.

Elegant Physics (and Some Down and Dirty Linux Tricks) Threaten Android Phones– WIRED

3) “SUSE announces plans for server and storage versions of Linux supporting 64-bit ARM SoCs.”

SUSE Preps Linux for ARM Servers– EE TImes

4) Dirty COW: A nine-year-old bug in the Linux kernel has been recently revealed.

“Dirty COW” Is The Most Dangerous Linux Privilege-Escalation Bug Ever, Experts Say– FOSSbytes

5) “The same internal, deep learning tools that Microsoft engineers used to build its human-like speech recognition engine, as well as consumer products like Skype Translator and Cortana, are now available for public use.”

Microsoft makes its deep learning tools available to all– Engadget

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