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6 Reasons Why Open Source Software Lowers Development Costs

By 2017-02-288月 22nd, 2017Blog

In some organizations, faster development is the primary motivation for using Open Source Software (OSS.) For others, cost savings or flexibility is the most important factor.

Last week, we detailed how OSS speeds development. Now let’s explore how open source software reduces development costs.

6 reasons OSS is lower cost                    

Using OSS can significantly reduce development costs in a number of proven ways. It can be much less expensive to acquire than commercially-licensed software or in-house developed software. These cost savings start with acquisition, but extend to deployment, support, and maintenance. Using open source software:

1. Saves 20-55% over commercial solutions, according to our Linux Foundation Consulting clients

2. Avoids functionality overkill and bundling — Many proprietary products have an overload of capabilities that clients rarely use, need, or even want. Often, they’re bundled, so that they must be paid for anyway.

● Avoids unwieldy closed system deployments – OSS eliminates the costly pricing games and traps that come with commercial sales and negotiations.

● Helps prevent vendor lock-in. Even where commercial OSS vendors provide a channel to deliver and support Open Source, customers have the freedom to switch vendors or even drop commercial support entirely, without changing the application or code in use.

● Avoids proprietary solutions consulting traps — OSS also helps with consulting, training and support costs because there is no exclusive access to the technology. You can often multi-source support, or even receive support from a vibrant community of developers who are actually working with the code on a daily basis.

● Benefits from ongoing community support — Active communities often provide higher quality support than commercial support organizations, and what’s more, community support is free.

Whether your organization chooses OSS for its speed of development, lower costs, flexibility, or because it keeps you on the leading edge of technology, OSS provides a competitive advantage.

Next up in this series, we’ll discuss why open source software is more flexible. You can also download the entire series today in our Fundamentals of Professional Open Source Management sample chapter.

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