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The Linux Foundation's Arpit Joshipura to Host Open Networking Q&A on Twitter

By 2017-03-218月 22nd, 2017Blog

On Friday, March 31, The Linux Foundation will kick off a new initiative. No, it’s not a new project, event, or training course, although there are plenty of those in store. Instead, the foundation will begin a monthly Twitter chat, called #AskLF, with leaders at the organization.

With #AskLF, we aim to increase access to the bright minds and community organizers within The Linux Foundation. While there are many opportunities to interact with staff at Linux Foundation global events, which bring together over 25,000 open source influencers, a live Twitter Q&A will give participants a direct line of communication to the designated hosts.

The first host will be Arpit Joshipura, the General Manager of Networking & Orchestration appointed in late 2016. His #AskLF session will take place in advance of Open Networking Summit, where he will speak on two keynote panels alongside Linux Foundation Executive Director Jim Zemlin, ON.Lab/ONF Executive Director Guru Parulkar, and others. @linuxfoundation followers are encouraged to ask Joshipura questions related to the open source networking ecosystem.

Sample questions might include:

  • What is the goal of SDN? What can a network admin do in an SDN environment?

  • How can my company investigate the benefits of SDN/NFV?

  • How does The Linux Foundation help the open source community implement open networking at the individual and corporate level?

Here’s how you can participate in the first #AskLF:

  • Follow @linuxfoundation on Twitter: Hosts will take over The Linux Foundation’s account during the session.

  • Save the date: March 31, 2017 at 10 a.m. PT.

  • Use the hashtag #AskLF: To ask Joshipura your questions while he hosts, simply tweet it with the hashtag #AskLF on 3/31 between 10 am & 10:45 am PDT.

  • Draft questions in advance: Read about The Linux Foundation’s open networking strategy, Joshipura’s background, and upcoming speaking engagements in the links below. We can’t guarantee that he will have time to answer every inquiry, but every attempt will be made!

  • Consider attending Open Networking Summit in Santa Clara next month: This #AskLF session will prepare you to engage in the topics at ONS and you’ll get a chance to hear Joshipura speak live. Click here for registration details and discount info (that means you, students and academics!)

More dates and details for future #AskLF sessions to come! We’ll see you on Twitter, March 31st at 10 a.m. PT.

More information on Arpit Joshipura:

*Note: Unlike Reddit-style AMAs, #AskLF is not focused around general topics that might pertain to the host’s personal life. To participate, please focus your questions around open source networking and Arpit Joshipura’s career.

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