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Wanted: 10,000 Developers to Electrify the Planet

By 2018-08-248月 27th, 2018Blog, Projects

Open source has transformed industry after industry – now it is time for the power and energy sectors. Be a part of this movement and join us in at our first LF Energy Summit.

Join us on October 24th for the first LF Energy Summit, Edinburgh, UK.

In mid-July, The Linux Foundation launched LF Energy with support from RTE, Europe’s biggest transmission power systems operator, the Electric Power Research Institute, the European Network of Transmission System Operators, and others, in a bid to speed technological innovation and accelerate the energy transition across the planet. System operators, and the utilities that bring electricity to our homes, businesses, and soon our vehicles are on the frontlines in the battle against climate change.

Open source has transformed industry after industry – now it is time for the power and energy sectors. Be a part of this movement and join us in at our first LF Energy Summit, co-located with Open Source Summit Edinburgh.

The digitalization of energy heralds the advent of a new age for electricity that will be organized around highly flexible and heterogeneous energy devices and sensors requiring advanced communication capacity between systems, people, and things. Up until now, power systems have been an asset-heavy industry (think coal-fired plants, transformers, and substations) with centralized control and one-way communication. The future grid is composed of distributed energy resources that can be aggregated and shaped to provide reliable electricity when variable resources like the sun and wind are orchestrated with battery storage to shape loads and shave peaks. The complexity of this cannot be managed with top-down control but will require highly sophisticated, automated, and self-aware digital intelligence spanning previously distinct sectors such as transportation, telecommunications, banking, and built environments.

Right now, while we are far from plug-and-play, the history of open source shows that shared digital “plumbing” holds the key to interoperability. For example, if you look at the scaling of the Internet, it is clear that operating systems like the Linux OS made hardware agnostic and enabled the abstraction of complexity. We need an analogous power systems operating system  for electricity if we are to meet global challenges, which is why we are gathering for the first LF Energy Summit as a part of the Open Source Summit Europe in Edinburgh.

The day will be divided into two parts. In the morning we will have the opportunity to hear from inspiring leaders in both the energy and open source fields, including:

  • Jim Zemlin, Executive Director, The Linux Foundation
  • Olivier Grabette, Deputy CEO, RTE
  • Shuli Goodman, Executive Director, LF Energy
  • Laurent Schmidt, Secretariat General, ENTSO-E

We will discuss the challenges and opportunities, as well as a high-level primer describing the grid of the future. In the second half of the day, we will “Get Energized” via facilitated and designed discussions in small and large groups leading us to a road map with actionable outcomes.There will be highly skilled facilitators and a visual recorder to sharpen our vision and plot next steps.

This is an evolving event – meaning we do not have it all figured out! We need your input. The event is designed for CDOs, CTOs, CIOs, power system engineers, grid architects, cloud architects, network architects, business analysts, market makers, and developers interested in transforming the future of energy. Everyone is welcome. Be prepared for the journey! We will travel far together.

Don’t miss out – register today for the LFE Summit or add it to your existing Open Source Summit registration for a discounted price of $200.00 USD.

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