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Community Demos at ONS to Highlight LFN Project Harmonization and More

A little more than one year since LF Networking (LFN) came together, the project continues to demonstrate strategic growth, with Telstra coming on in November, and the umbrella project representing ~70% of the world’s mobile subscribers. Working side by side with service providers in the technical projects has been critical to ensure that work coming out of LFN is relevant and useful for meeting their requirements. A small sample of these integrations and innovations will be on display once again in the LF Networking Booth at the Open Networking Summit Event, April 3-5 in San Jose, CA. We’re excited to be back in the Bay Area this year and are offering Day Pass and Hall Pass Options. Register today!

Due to demand from the community, we’ve expanded the number of demo stations from 8 to 10 and cover many areas in the open networking stack — with projects from within the LF Networking umbrella (FD,io, OpenDaylight, ONAP, OPNFV, and Tungsten Fabric), as well as adjacent projects such as Consul, Docker, Envoy, Istio, Ligato, Kubernetes, Openstack, and SkyDive. We welcome you to come spend some time talking to and learning from these experts in the technical community.

The LFN promise of project harmonization will be on display from members iConectiv, Huawei, and Vodafone who will highlight ONAP’s on-boarding process for testing Virtual Network Functions (VNFs), integrating with the OPNFV’s Dovetail project, supporting the expanding OPNFV Verification Program (OVP), and paving the way for future compliance and certification testing. Another example of project harmonization is use of common infrastructure for testing across LFN project and the folks from UNH-IOL will be on hand to walk users through the Lab-as-a-Service offering that is facilitating development and testing by hosting hardware and providing access to the community.

Other focus areas include network slicing, service mesh, SDN performance, testing, integration, and analysis.

Listed below is the full networking demo lineup, and you can read detailed descriptions of each demo here.

  • Demonstrating Service Provider Specific Test & Verification Requirements (OPNFV, ONAP) – Proposed By Vodafone and Demonstrated by Vodafone/Huawei/iConectiv
  • Integration of ODL and Network Service Mesh (OpenDaylight, Network Service Mesh) – Presented by Lumina Networks
  • SDN Performance Comparison Between Multi Data-paths (Tungsten Fabric, – Presented by ATS, and Sofioni Networks
  • ONAP Broadband Service Use Case (ONAP, OPNFV) – Presented by Swisscom, Huawei, and Nokia
  • OpenStack Rolling Upgrade with Zero Downtime to Application (OPNFV, OpenStack) – Presented By Nokia and Deutsche Telekom
  • Skydive & VPP Integration: A Topology Analyzer (, Ligato, Skydive, Docker) – Presented by
  • VSPERF: Beyond Performance Metrics,Towards Causation Analysis (OPNFV) – Presented by Spirent)
  • Network Slice with ONAP based Life Cycle Management (ONAP) – Presented by AT&T, and Ericsson
  • Service Mesh and SDN: At-Scale Cluster Load Balancing (Tungsten Fabric, Linux OS, Istio, Consul, Envoy, Kubernetes, HAProxy) – Presented by CloudOps, Juniper and the Tungsten Fabric Community
  • Lab as a Service 2.0 Demo (OPNFV) – Presented by UNH-IOL

We hope to see you at the show! Register today!