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Linux Foundation Members Elect Open Source Technology Trailblazer

By 2020-04-275月 5th, 2020Blog

The Linux Foundation today announced that Sony’s Tim Bird has been elected to its board and that Panasonic’s Hiromi Wada has been re-elected for a two-year term.

Tim has a long and esteemed history working in the Linux and open source community. For more than 28 years, he has supported the developer community as a core Linux developer and maintainer of Sony’s Linux kernel and previously as Chief Technology Officer at Lineo. He was also the founder of the Embedded Linux Conference and the Consumer Electronics Linux Forum. He’s also served on the Linux Foundation’s Technical Advisory Board, an esteemed council that provides guidance to the Linux Foundation on developer community needs and concerns.

“Sony has contributed to the open source community for many years and recognizes that collaboration accelerates the development of technology and innovation to benefit the whole industry,” said Tim Bird, Linux Foundation board member and principal software engineer at Sony. “The Linux Foundation plays a vital role in coordinating the various parts of the open source ecosystem so that everyone can be more productive. I am very happy to be able to participate at the board level to continue to support and promote open source initiatives for the good of all.”

Hiromi Wada has also been re-elected to the Linux Foundation board. She is co-director of the R&D Division at the Automotive Company of Panasonic and sits on the Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) Advisory Board. She has been involved in the development and management of various products based on Linux for more than 20 years, including workstations, mobile devices, and automotive systems. As a senior counselor of open source software systems, she advances Panasonic’s collaboration with the open source community.

“I share the Linux Foundation’s dedication to advancing the technologies that impact all of us,” said Hiromi Wada, co-director of AV and ICT development at AVC Networks Company of Panasonic. “I’m pleased to be able to contribute to this work and to the open source community at the board level. Now more than ever, we have an opportunity to help advance technology for good.”

The Gold members elected two representatives to the LF Board.

The Linux Foundation’s mission is dedicated to building sustainable ecosystems around open collaboration to accelerate technology development and industry adoption. It expands the open collaboration communities it supports with community efforts focused on building open standards, open hardware, and open data. The Linux Foundation is also dedicated to improving diversity in open source communities and working on processes, tools, and best practices for security in open development communities.

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