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Linux Foundation Fosters Laminas Community

By 2020-04-225月 11th, 2020Blog

The Laminas Project, formerly known as the Zend Framework, is among the latest projects to be hosted at the Linux Foundation. With the community’s desire to evolve its PHP tooling for the next generation of web services and APIs, now is a natural time to tailor an open governance structure for the Project that can sustain the community for decades to come.

The Laminas Project already has incredible support with 1.2 million commits, hundreds of releases every year and thousands of lifetime contributors. The Project has 400 million lifetime installs across e-commerce, entertainment, embedded and healthcare environments, among others, with more than 140 million added every year. It warrants a neutral forum with an open governance structure that supports this level of adoption and innovation and its intentional focus on tooling for new web services and APIs.

The Linux Foundation will foster collaboration by bringing together stakeholders throughout the PHP ecosystem to sponsor development through hires and grants; maintain the legacy of the Zend Framework’s components; develop new features, particularly around middleware and APIs; and promote critical PHP development practices via documentation, tutorials and presentations.

For more information about the evolution of the Zend Framework and the Laminas Project, please read longtime contributor Matthew Weier O’Phinney’s blog post.

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