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Cloud Foundry Introduces "Cloud Foundry Days" Across APJ and China Regions

SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Marketwired – September 15, 2016) – Cloud Foundry Foundation, home of the industry-standard multi-cloud platform, today introduced “Cloud Foundry Days,” single-day educational events sponsored by Cloud Foundry members, scheduled across the APJ and China regions in Sydney, Melbourne, Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo, and hosted by EMC, GE, HPE, TIBCO and Fujitsu.

Cloud Foundry Days are designed to foster the community and drive adoption of Cloud Foundry in the APJ and China regions in the fall of 2016 with plans to roll out globally in 2017. The events give the local community an excellent opportunity to connect with businesses, learn about Cloud Foundry and share knowledge.

“Cloud Foundry Days are hyperlocal events held by and for the Cloud Foundry community to share cloud computing expertise in key cities across Asia and the Pacific,” said Sam Ramji, Cloud Foundry Foundation CEO. “They are an invaluable resource for organizations seeking to speed their digital transformation with Cloud Foundry by learning from our community.”

Cloud Foundry is collectively developed by Cisco, EMC, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, IBM, Pivotal, SAP, VMware, and leaders in manufacturing, telecommunications and financial services. Only Cloud Foundry delivers the velocity needed to continuously deliver apps at the speed of business. Cloud Foundry’s container-based architecture runs apps in any language on your choice of cloud — Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Compute Platform (GCP), OpenStack, VMware vSphere, SoftLayer and more. With a robust services ecosystem and simple integration with existing technologies, Cloud Foundry is the modern standard for mission critical apps for global organizations.

“The emerging model of DevOps in IT is accelerating digital business transformation around the globe,” said Brian Gallagher, President, Cloud Platform team at EMC. “New innovations in software can now be delivered with greater velocity, lower cost, better quality and increased customer adoption. As an integral part of this transformation, Cloud Foundry is quickly becoming a critical component of all cloud computing architectures enabling companies to rapidly deploy, operate and maintain innovative cloud native and traditional applications. With Cloud Foundry Days, we’re carrying the message around the globe to customers from all industries to educate them on the importance of Cloud Foundry and its capabilities.”

Those interested in attending the current Cloud Foundry Days in the APJ and China regions can visit: The full schedule is below:

Oct. 18 & 20: Sydney & Melbourne
Host: EMC
Support: TIBCO

Oct. 25: Shanghai
Host: GE
Support: EMC & Anchora

Oct. 27: Beijing
Host: HPE
Support: GE & IBM

Nov. 15: Singapore
Support: Pivotal

Nov. 17: Hong Kong
Support: Pivotal

Nov 11: Tokyo
Host: Fujitsu
Support: Apigee & Pivotal

Those interested in hosting their own Cloud Foundry Day event can visit:

About Cloud Foundry Foundation

The Cloud Foundry Foundation is an independent non-profit organization formed to sustain the development, promotion and adoption of Cloud Foundry as the industry-standard multi-cloud platform. Cloud Foundry makes it faster and easier to build, test, deploy and scale applications. Cloud Foundry is an Apache 2.0 licensed project available on GitHub: To learn more, visit:

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