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Keynotes, Lightning Talks and Additional Programming Announced for CloudNativeCon, KubeCon and PrometheusDay

SAN FRANCISCO – October 12, 2016 – T​he Cloud Native Computing Foundation, which is advancing the development of open source software technology that orchestrate containers of microservices, today announced keynote speakers and lightning talks for CloudNativeCon, featuring KubeCon and PrometheusDay, taking place November 8-9 in Seattle.

CloudNativeCon will bring together leading contributors in cloud native technology and computing, containers, microservices, central orchestration processing, and related projects to further industry education. Co-located with KubeCon and PrometheusDay, attendees will be able to attend a full range of technology sessions that support the cloud native ecosystem.

During PrometheusDay, attendees will have the opportunity to meet with companies that have adopted Prometheus’ open source monitoring system and time series database. From Percona to Shuttlecloud, Prometheus is helping companies scale and the project itself is quickly growing as well. PrometheusDay will bring together this active and growing community to advance their knowledge of Prometheus use with cloud native architectures.

Today’s cloud native ecosystem is growing at an incredibly rapid pace – as new technologies are continuously introduced and current applications are ever-evolving,” said Dan Kohn, executive director of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. “Our new flagship event CloudNativeCon will provide a platform for educating the community on these new technologies and evolving applications. The event will bring many communities together to support the growing cloud native ecosystem.”

The schedules includes 18 keynotes, 10 lightning talks, and 6 PrometheusDay sessions with presenters from Box, Comcast, CoreOS, Google, LightStep, Weaveworks, QAware GmbH, and more. The full CloudNativeCon and PrometheusDay agenda can be viewed here; the KubeCon program can be viewed here. Talks include:


  • “How Box Runs Containers in Production with Kubernetes,” from Box Co-founder, Sam Ghods

  • “Kubernetes: As Seen On TV,” from Comcast Systems Architect, Erik St. Martin

  • “Monitoring Kubernetes Clusters with Prometheus,” from CoreOS engineer and core Prometheus developer, Fabian Reinartz

  • “Kubernetes,” from Google Developer Advocate, Kelsey Hightower

  • “Kubernetes 1.4 and Beyond,” from Google Product Manager, David Aronchick

  • OpenTracing and Containers: Depth, Breadth, and the Future of Tracing,” from LightStep Co-founder and OpenTracing Co-author, Ben Sigelman

Lightning Talks

  • Netflix OSS on Kubernetes,” from Red Hat Principal Middleware Specialist/Architect, Christian Posta

  • “Micro-Services Lifecycle Management at Twitter,” from Twitter Product Manager, Micheal Benedict

  • “Realizing the Multi-Cloud Promise of Kubernetes,” from The Walt Disney Company Engineering Manager, Christopher Schwarz


  • “Monitoring MySQL and MongoDB with Prometheus,” from Percona CEO, Peter Zaitsev

  • Prometheus Is Good for Your Small Startup,” from ShuttleCloud Software Engineer,  Ignacio P. Carretero

  • “Beyond Nagios: Modern Monitoring of Bronze-Age Applications with Prometheus,” from SoundCloud SRE/Systems Engineer, Ben Kochie

CNCF Community Award

The CNCF Community Awards honor those individuals who have made the greatest impact over the last year throughout the cloud native space. Nominations opened today, October 10 and will close on October 28. Click here to nominate the next CNCF Top Ambassador or CNCF Top Committer today!

Election Day Resources

CloudNativeCon will be held on Election Day, Tuesday, November 8.  We encourage American citizens to plan ahead and register for an absentee or early vote ballot at, so that attendees can both participate in the most important cloud conference of the year and fulfill their civic responsibility.


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