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Practical Advice to Scale Open Source Legal Support

Ibrahim Haddad, Ph.D., Samsung Research America

In this article, we look closely at the role of the Legal Counsel in ensuring FOSS compliance and examine practical advice that a Legal Counsel can provide to the software development team. Such practical advice will enable software developers to make daily decisions related to open source licenses without having to go back to the Legal Counsel for every single question.

Download: Practical Advice to Scale Open Source Legal Support.

About The Author

Dr. Ibrahim Haddad is the Head of Open Source Group at Samsung Research America, the North American R&D Center of Samsung Electronics. Prior to joining Samsung, Dr. Haddad was a member of the management team at The Linux Foundation responsible for technical, legal and compliance projects and initiatives. At the Linux Foundation, Dr. Haddad worked with the largest technology companies and with the Open Source community to facilitate a vendor-neutral environment for advancing the Linux platform for next-generation computing devices.

Dr. Haddad’s career started at Ericsson Research where he spent five years focusing on advanced research for system architecture of 3G wireless IP networks and on adopting Linux and Open Source software in carrier grade environments. He then joined Motorola as Director of Technology Portfolio managing the Open Source Technology Group and driving Motorola’s Open Source initiatives. After Motorola, Dr. Haddad ran the Open Source Office at Palm and was responsible for all Open Source activities related to webOS, and later supported HP with open sourcing webOS to become the open webOS project.

Dr. Haddad graduated with Honors from Concordia University (Montréal, Canada) with a Ph.D. in Computer Science. He is a Contributing Editor to the Linux Journal, co-author of two books on Red Hat Linux and Fedora, and Technical Editor for four books on Linux System Administration, Fedora Linux and Ubuntu Linux. He is fluent in Arabic, English and French.

July 2013
The Linux Foundation
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