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FOSS Compliance Practices for Supplied Software

By 2011-07-033月 22nd, 2018Events
Philip Koltun (Ph.D.), The Linux Foundation

This white paper examines compliance practices needed when software supplied by a third party vendor is brought into the code baseline of a product to be distributed externally. The white paper discusses requirements a company should impose upon its suppliers to disclose FOSS in their deliverables and to provide what’s needed to achieve compliance. The paper also discusses steps a company should take to review and validate the FOSS disclosures made by its suppliers. In addition to those topics, the white paper addresses measures a company can undertake to assess its suppliers’ compliance capabilities.

Download: FOSS Compliance Practices for Supplied Software.

About the Author (Philip Koltun, Ph.D.)

Dr. Philip Koltun directs The Linux Foundation’s Open Compliance Program and works with the community to provide a full range of services and intellectual assets that enhance compliance activities.

July 2011
The Linux Foundation
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