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Open Compliance Program Marks Its One-Year Anniversary

By 08/15/20113月 22nd, 2018Events
Philip Koltun (Ph.D.), The Linux Foundation

The Open Compliance Program was established with the goal of boosting adoption of Linux and other FOSS by making license compliance ever-easier to achieve. Over the last year, four training classes have been created on implementing compliance programs, a compliance self-assessment checklist has been published, many tutorial white papers have been written, compliance tools have been developed, and resources have been extended to the compliance community. Download the white paper for more details and access to the resources.

Download: Open Compliance Program Marks Its One-Year Anniversary.

About the Author (Philip Koltun, Ph.D.)

Dr. Philip Koltun directs The Linux Foundation’s Open Compliance Program and works with the community to provide a full range of services and intellectual assets that enhance compliance activities.

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