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Solution Brief: The Open Compute Project and OPNFV are at the Forefront of Open Source Networking Integration

Network functions virtualization, or NFV, is a once-in-a-generation disruption that will completely transform how networks are built and operated. Open source has revamped how enterprises build out their IT systems and there is is a clear preference for open source technologies in NFV deployments. Two leading open source projects, Open Platform for NFV (OPNFV) and the Open Compute Project (OCP), believe that disaggregated hardware and software leads to new opportunities across the open source networking stack.

“The Open Compute Project has been quite successful at disaggregating traditional IT gear and creating vanity free ingredients. It is now time to carefully select the ideal hardware and software ingredients to re-integrate into efficient solutions. The work being done by OPNFV is a key piece of that re-integration, bringing together the best open source software projects together with the best choices of open source hardware, to enable network functions virtualization. By integrating and testing a set of reference architectures on top of efficient, scalable cloud hardware, OPNFV is removing all the roadblocks to NVF adoption and transformation of the telecom infrastructure.” -Bill Carter, Chief Technology Officer, OCP

In this solution brief, you’ll learn how OPNFV and OCP have started to bring together a full open source software networking stack with leading open hardware designs to provide the networking ecosystem with infrastructure for their next-generation networks.

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