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Worldwide Support for the Linux Foundation Moblin Announcement

By 2009-04-028月 22nd, 2017Press Release

Partners come out in strong support of the Moblin project.

“As a member of the Linux Foundation, we welcome the Moblin project as it offers a comprehensive framework for developers to drive innovation in the mobile device market,” says Mark Shuttleworth, founder of the Ubuntu project. “Moving to the Linux Foundation will promote further innovation and reinforces the synergies between Moblin and the Ubuntu community.”

“There are a lot of mobile Linux efforts taking place, but Moblin is truly one of the most open and has the most support at the kernel level,” said Mr. HAN Naiping, President, China Standard Software Co., Ltd. “Intel and Linux Foundation have done a really smart thing by partnering to advance this project.”

“As the Moblin community grows, it allows our company to innovate higher in the stack,” said David Liu, Founder & CEO of Good OS. “This allows us to add customized offerings for our customers and better, low cost netbook-based cloud solutions.”

“Linpus believes strongly in the Moblin project and has been a long term participant in the Moblin community,” said Stephen Lim, President and CEO of Linpus. “In fact, with the help and support of Intel and others in the community, we have contributed in two important areas of the project, fast boot and battery life. We are pleased that the LF will continue this community focus.”

“MIRACLE LINUX CORPORATION, as one of the founding members of Asianux, is working on Moblin-based products in many categories, including MID and embedded markets,” said Takashi Kodama, President and CEO of MIRACLE LINUX CORPORATION. “We will keep on this direction with the leadership and value offered through the Linux Foundation, as we expect it will enable us to
serve our customers better.”

“Mandriva delivers Moblin based products from netbooks to home appliances and set top boxes,” said Hervé Yahi, CEO of Mandriva. “We see tremendous volume growth in numerous market segments due to the flexibility and innovation of the software stack and the combination of lower cost devices. The addition of the Linux Foundation’s neutral collaborative environment and wide network of technical, business and legal arenas will accelerate our opportunity.”

“Today’s actions from Intel and the Linux Foundation are an important step for the embedded device market and the open source community,” said Rusty Harris, CEO, MontaVista Software Inc. “With Intel’s Atom architecture and the Linux Foundation’s bringing key Linux contributors together, Moblin is primed to be a leading platform in this marketplace. We look forward to helping embedded device manufacturers bring commercial devices to market quickly and cost effectively on MontaVista Linux and the Moblin platform.”

“Moblin is a key project for the acceleration of Linux on desktops and mobile devices,” stated Markus Rex, senior vice president and general manager of Open Platform Solutions at Novell, and the former CTO at the Linux Foundation. “Moblin will allow companies to come to market quicker- thus being more competitive. Also, with the stewardship of the Linux Foundation, and with the support of Intel, this will ensure the success of mobile computing enhancements.”

Red Flag
“Red Flag, as one of the founding members of Asianux, is the first company to have productized an offering for Moblin. Our team is comprised of extremely proficient developers, who are able to take the innovations of open source and deliver them to customers,” said Mr. Dong Jia, Chairman of Asianux/President & CEO of Red Flag. “We are eager to see the LF add their expertise and community development to increase the innovations that we then deliver to customers.”

“Turbolinux has been and remains committed to deliver Moblin-based products,” said Claude Zhou, General Manager of Turbollnux China. “We welcome the leadership offered through the Linux Foundation, as we expect it will enable us to extend our innovatation and deliver more value to our customers.”

“As a member of Asianux, VietSoftware is committed to deliver Moblin-based products, being strongly confident in innovation offered by Linux Foundation and rising popularity of mobile devices in the market, which are based on Intel’s Moblin platform,” said Dr. Tran Luong Son, General Director of VietSoftware.

Wind River
“The Moblin project offers a comprehensive framework for developers to drive innovation in multiple markets, including the mobile and automotive infotainment device markets,” said John Bruggeman, chief marketing officer, Wind River. “Wind River is a leader with Moblin technologies and has a long history of leading initiatives hosted by the Linux Foundation. We’re convinced that by having the Linux Foundation host Moblin we will see accelerated innovation and broader ubiquity for the project and Linux in general.”

“As the 5th member of Asianux, WTEC will continue to push for the adoption of great open source software whenever it applies. The open source adoption of open source in Thailand is slow but growing consistently and we believe we are on the right track,” said Phiroon Phihakendr, Managing Director of WTEC. “As an open source advocate, WTEC truly appreciates the leadership and innovation Intel and Linux Foundation bring. Moblin will have a bigger impact on our mobile life in the near future.”

“We are delighted to see that the Moblin project has come under the umbrella of the Linux Foundation, home of the Linux kernel and other community projects vital to the culture and business of open source,” said Andreas Typaldos, CEO of Xandros. “The Moblin optimizations we introduced with ASUS on the Eee PC helped launch the netbook revolution, and we look forward to further Moblin enhancements that will take mobile computing to new levels of richness, speed, and convenience.”


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