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Financial Services Industry Rallies Around OpenMAMA Project as it Delivers First Release

By 04/30/20128月 22nd, 2017Press Release

The Linux Foundation-hosted OpenMAMA project fosters increasing collaboration on open source technologies for financial services; new Steering Committee participants include IBM, Tick42 and TS-Associates

NEW YORK [The Linux Foundation Enterprise End User Summit], April 30, 2012 – OpenMAMA, a Linux Foundation Labs project, today announced the availability of OpenMAMA 2.1, the open source Middleware Agnostic Messaging API and the first neutral standard in data messaging for financial services.

The project today is also welcoming three new Steering Committee participants: IBM, Tick42 (formerly known as DOT) and TS-Associates. Founding members for the project include Bank of America Merrill Lynch, EMC, Exegy, Fixnetix, and NYSE Technologies, who originally created the MAMA platform.

Announced last fall, the OpenMAMA project is an open source Application Programming Interface (API) that connects multiple transports and applications. Collaboration among companies and the Linux and open source communities today is enabling users to embrace new, common middleware technologies and applications as the market changes. It also helps organizations reduce their total cost of ownership and time to market for “event-driven” applications and ensures high performance, both in terms of throughput and message latency.

Features and technologies included in OpenMAMA 2.1 include:

•    The Middleware Agnostic Market Data API (MAMDA), which adds a market-specific data application development framework that includes support for quotes, trades and order books. OpenMAMDA will ultimately serve as the reference implementation of the NYSE Data Model.

•    Support for C++, Java and Windows. OpenMAMA is built using the C programming language and is designed to run on Linux. New contributions include wrappers that allow programmers to develop OpenMAMA applications written in C++ and Java, and to deploy these applications on Windows as well as Linux.

The Steering Committee and community members are also collaborating now on some exciting contributions to the project which users can take advantage of later this year:

•    Integration of NYSE Technologies’ Open Data Model Project, which provides an end-to-end open platform for facilitating and simplifying the consolidation of market data with independent technology, encoding formats and distributions mechanisms. This will include support for 200+ datafed venues globally and is expected to be compliant with NYSE Technologies’ Market Data Platform.

•    Completion of the AMQP Bridge, which integrates OpenMAMA with the standard protocol for interoperability among all messaging middleware. For more information about the OpenMAMA and AMQP collaboration, please visit this blog from Amanda McPherson.

•    Vendor adoption. For example, Exegy today is announcing it is now delivering data from an Exegy Ticker Plant through OpenMAMA.

“The OpenMAMA project represents what all Linux Foundation Labs projects represent: collaboration at its best,” said Jim Zemlin, executive director at The Linux Foundation. “OpenMAMA and open source software are accelerating for the messaging layer of the stack what Linux is doing for the OS-level of the software stack: driving innovation to support the largest number of complex transactions in real-time. The companies contributing to these efforts are leaders in their respective areas, and we’re happy to see the tremendous progress that together they’re making.”

“We are truly excited to see OpenMAMA delivered to the financial services community to become a core building block of future innovation in trading technology,” said Stanley Young, CEO, NYSE Technologies.  “I thank my colleagues at NYSE Technologies and the OpenMAMA steering committee for their leadership and dedication to bringing this first of a kind initiative to the marketplace.”

The OpenMAMA project members are meeting today with Linux kernel developers at The Linux Foundation Enterprise End User Summit to discuss these new features and to discuss what comes next. This invitation-only event this year is hosted by NYSE Technologies in New York. 

To start participating in the OpenMAMA project, visit the OpenMAMA website. You can also watch a recent keynote presentation from NYSE Technologies’ Feargal O’Sullivan titled “OpenMAMA: Open Middleware Standards for the Capital Markets and Beyond.”

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