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Supporting Comments: The Linux Foundation to Host Code Aurora Forum

By 2012-08-298月 22nd, 2017Press Release



“We value collaboration and open source software development because it leads to better products and more innovation,” said Eric Chen, software director, GIGA-BYTE/GSmart. “The Linux Foundation provides an unmatched, neutral environment for collaborative development, and we’re looking forward to contributing to the ongoing advancements in the mobile/wireless marketplace.” 


“As an existing Linux Foundation member we understand firsthand the benefits of collaborating in a forum that brings together an entire ecosystem,” said Iago Toral, partner at Igalia. “We’re happy about this collection of resources that will advance the Linux platform in the mobile and embedded industry.”


“Innominds is focused on bringing products to market fast, fueling innovation and lowering development risks. The collaboration opportunities that will come from CAF becoming a Linux Foundation Labs project will help advance all of these efforts,” said Anil Katakam, executive vice president at Innominds.

Qualcomm Atheros

“Code Aurora Forum has done important work to bring open source-based products to market and to stage code for upstream development,” said Erick Robinson, senior legal counsel for Qualcomm Atheros Inc. Qualcomm Atheros. “We’re eager to increase our collaboration with even more companies and organizations as CAF becomes a Linux Foundation Labs project.”

SpectraCore Technologies

“Linux is the ultimate platform for mobile and embedded development,” said Raj Ganti, founder and CEO, SpectraCore Technologies. “By becoming a Linux Foundation Labs project, Code Aurora Forum will be able to take its development efforts to a new level, advancing the operating system for all.”

Symphony Teleca

“Linux and open source software are clearly accelerating the convergence of mobility and cloud to form the future of computing,” said Andrew Till, SVP, Symphony Teleca. “The Linux Foundation is the perfect forum for us and our peers to move that work forward.”


“Linux is making the future of mobile computing very exciting,” said Larry Geng, president, Thundersoft. “Our work with Code Aurora Forum has delivered so many benefits to us and our customers. We know that increased collaboration across the Linux ecosystem will enhance those benefits even more.”


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