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Linux Foundation Releases Schedule for Automotive Linux Summit 2014

By 2014-06-098月 22nd, 2017Press Release

As technology limits are pushed in automotive, this event will bring together world’s most innovative minds with auto and open source expertise

SAN FRANCISCO, June 9, 2014 – The Linux Foundation, the nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating the growth of Linux, today announced the schedule and program for Automotive Linux Summit, taking place July 1-2, 2014 in Tokyo, Japan.

Linux, open source and collaborative development are increasingly being used in the automotive space as it offers the fastest path to innovation in increasingly digital cars. Automotive Linux Summit will showcase how Linux and open development are providing automakers, suppliers and developers with ways to improve safety and the overall driving experience. The event brings together innovative minds from automotive and open-source, including systems engineers, Linux experts, R&D managers, business executives, legal and compliance specialists and community developers.

Keynote speakers at this year’s event include:

  • Matt Jones, Senior Technical Specialist, Jaguar Land Rover
  • Masashige Mizuyama, CTO of Automotive Infotainment Systems, Panasonic
  • Toshiro Muramatsu, Director, Vehicle Information Technology Division, Nissan
  • Tsuguo Nobe, Chief Advanced Service Architect and Director, Intel
  • Chiseki Sagawa, Corporate Vice President, Fujitsu Limited
  • Mark Skarpness, Director, System Engineering, Intel
  • An OPEN Automotive Panel, moderated by Roger Lanctot, Senior Analyst, Strategy Analytics, and featuring speakers from GENIVI, AGL and The Linux Foundation

Featuring dozens of sessions and keynotes, Automotive Linux Summit offers the freshest, most relevant content in the automotive IT space. A sampling of the sessions offered include:

  • Xen – Automotive Hypervisor – Alex Agizim, GlobalLogic
  • Remote User Interfaces in IVI Systems – Ossama Othman, Intel
  • W3C Vehicle Specification – Kevron Rees, Intel
  • Building Performance HTML5 Apps on Top of WRT APIs – Aki Saarinen, Reaktor Japan KK
  • LTSI Kernel, How We Can Help Automotive Industries – Tsugikazu Shibata, NEC; Hisao Munakata, Renesas
  • Linux and the Automotive Security Lab – Nathan Willis,

Attendees will also have the opportunity to network and collaborate during catered meal breaks and an evening reception. To review the complete program for Automotive Linux Summit, please visit:


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