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New Linux Foundation Members Invest in Linux and Collaborative Development

By 03/12/20158月 22nd, 2017Press Release

LMAX Exchange Ltd., Linutronix GmbH, NI, and Leverage Open Source for Competitive Differentiation

SAN FRANCISCO, March 12, 2015 — The Linux Foundation, the nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating the growth of Linux and collaborative development, today announced that LMAX Exchange Ltd., Linutronix GmbH, NI and are joining the organization.

The versatility and power of the Linux operating system makes it well-suited to diverse markets, from financial services and online retail to embedded and industrial industries. Many of the world’s best programmers actively contribute to the kernel, investing in community development as way to compete in these demanding markets and overcome serious challenges such as security.  From Real-Time Linux to the Core Infrastructure Initiative to improve Internet security, today’s new members support a range of Linux Foundation programs and community activities to advance Linux and open source software for all.

More information on new Linux Foundation members follows:

LMAX Exchange, the UK’s fastest growing technology firm and the leading MTF for FX (regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority), will be a part of the Linux Foundation’s new Core Infrastructure Initiative that brings together more than 20 major international technology companies to collaboratively identify, fund, secure and improve critical infrastructure projects.

Dr. Andrew Phillips, Director of Technical Operations at LMAX Exchange commented, “At LMAX Exchange we are firm believers in the power of open source technology to upend markets and disrupt traditionally opaque and complex systems, especially in financial services. Linux is a speed and performance workhorse that is pervasive in financial services today, and, as Linux Foundation members, we’re excited to collaborate on this transformative technology and help spread the benefits of open source technology.”

Linutronix GmbH is a Germany-based open source consulting and service provider focused on embedded systems and Linux Real-Time. For years, Thomas Gleixner, the founder of Linutronix, and his team have actively contributed to kernel development in a number of ways, from contributing the patch set (PREEMPT_RT) that is used to make standard Linux real-time compliant to defining the UBI/UBIFS framework for flash support. Gleixner has more than 25 years experience in embedded systems and co-maintains several core areas in the kernel, including the timer subsystem, interrupt subsystem, and x86 architecture.

“Providing Real-Time capabilities to a general purpose operating system is a tremendous technical problem,” said Gleixner, who also serves as Linutronix’s CTO. “I’ve worked closely with the Linux community to achieve real-time performance with Linux and look forward to a more formal Linux Foundation partnership to improve the performance that critical embedded applications demand.”

Since 1976, NI has made it possible for engineers and scientists to solve the world’s greatest engineering challenges with powerful platform-based systems that accelerate productivity and drive rapid innovation. Customers from a wide variety of industries – from healthcare to automotive and from consumer electronics to particle physics – use NI’s integrated hardware and software platform to improve the world we live in. As members, NI will be working closely with The Linux Foundation to contribute to the PREEMPT_RT patchset.

“Linux plays a key role in helping NI continue to release cutting-edge products, and we’re eager to work more closely with The Linux Foundation to ensure the long-term success of Linux Real-Time,” said Shelley Gretlein, Director of Platform Software & Proficiency Programs at NI. “Enterprises looking to reduce latency and increase throughput are adopting Linux Real-Time to help control robots, data acquisition systems and other time-sensitive instruments and machines for finance, aviation, medical, military, manufacturing, telecom and much more.” is an online florist offering a flower delivery service anywhere in the United Kingdom. Online flower orders offer a range of floral bouquets and arrangements for any occasion. Established in 2003, the company prides itself on supplying flowers that are guaranteed to be fresher and finer than anywhere else on the Internet, and its Heathrow-based “flower emporium” receives a daily delivery of the freshest products from local and international growers.

“Our customers expect convenience, speed and quality flowers when shopping online,” said Martin Johansson, Managing Director at “Linux provides a reliable and incredibly powerful technology foundation for, which has enabled us to grow quickly and build lasting customer loyalty. As a Linux Foundation member, we’re looking forward to giving back to the community and benefiting from the many resources available to us through the organization.”

“Our research shows that there are more developers working on Linux than ever,” said Amanda McPherson, Chief Marketing Officer at The Linux Foundation. “Linux Foundation’s membership is thriving, just as the community behind the Linux kernel rapidly evolves. The number of developers and companies from assorted markets that participate and invest in Linux represents a growing and vibrant community of supporters.”

About The Linux Foundation

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