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Linux Foundation Expands Access to Linux Training and Certification to Aspiring Professionals in India

By 2015-07-238月 22nd, 2017Press Release

India is the first region in which the Linux Foundation will offer country-specific pricing on select training and certification products

SAN FRANCISCO – July 23, 2015The Linux Foundation, the nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating the growth of Linux and collaborative development, today announced the availability of country-specific pricing for its Essentials of System Administration course and Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator exam for individuals in India. Beginning today, individuals with an Indian issued credit card and address can register for a course plus exam bundle for an introductory rate of 5,000 Indian rupees (US$79).

Part of The Linux Foundation’s mission is to grow the Linux community and expand access for those who wish to become Linux professionals. To do so, the Foundation has launched a range of initiatives, including the free Intro to Linux course via edX; making certification exams available to take anywhere, anytime; providing the Essentials of System Administration course in Spanish and soon Portuguese; awarding scholarships for training courses to deserving individuals; and offering training and certifications at rates lower than those offered by traditional providers. However, in some areas around the world, additional programs are still needed to increase access to Linux learning materials.

India, for example, is second only to the United States in inquiries regarding Linux Foundation training and certification but ranks among the lowest in Linux certification exam enrollment. It is clear that this population of IT professionals sees the opportunities Linux training and certification present but have not been able to pursue these programs due to cost barriers. In recent years, India has ranked among some of the lowest countries in terms of median annual income (in 2013, it ranked at the 99th position among 131 countries). This is why it was chosen as the first location for region-specific pricing. In the coming months, additional regions will be considered for a similar program to help increase access to Linux learning materials to anyone who seeks to pursue a lucrative IT career.

“Linux and open source software are built on a philosophy of contribution and participation that is based on skills and desire, not whether or not you can afford to participate,” said Linux Foundation Executive Director Jim Zemlin. “Our role is to expand access, so as many individuals as possible can join the Linux community. This offering will serve as an entry point to a lucrative IT career with Linux to countless new professionals.”

Essentials of System Administration was chosen as the first course to receive subsidized pricing as it is foundational in the industry – after completion of this course and passing the certification exam, individuals will be qualified for an entry-level job as a Linux SysAdmin. Those who do not have any experience with Linux can begin with the free Intro to Linux course offered by The Linux Foundation and edX, then move onto this offering.

The course is now available for enrollment to those with Indian addresses, and credit or debit cards issued in India. For more information or to enroll, visit

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