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Cloud Native Computing Foundation Accepts Kubernetes as First Hosted Project; Technical Oversight Committee Elected

By 03/10/20168月 22nd, 2017Press Release

Organization marks important milestones to advance essential infrastructure for Internet companies and enterprises to scale their businesses

LONDON – KubeCon, March 10, 2016 – The Cloud Native Computing Foundation, the nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the development of cloud native applications and services and driving alignment among container technologies, today announced that Kubernetes has been accepted by the Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) and its IP will be transferred to the Foundation. The elected TOC members are also being announced today.

Initially developed by Google as an open source container orchestration system, Kubernetes includes apps, services, network storage, cluster management and performance and stability features. It is licensed under the Apache License v2. Kubernetes v1.2 is expected later this month. The TOC is considering multiple technologies for the CNCF and will review proposals as they’re received.

“The acceptance of Kubernetes is a first step in establishing the CNCF as an organization that supports leading cloud native projects of production quality,” said Alexis Richardson, TOC chair, Cloud Native Computing Foundation. “But this is just the start. The future of cloud native will involve many projects and use cases, which we look forward to advancing.”

The Kubernetes acceptance was the first project proposal evaluated by the newly elected TOC, which guides technical decisions and oversees collaborative working group projects helping to rationalize a broad ecosystem.  The initial TOC members include:

  • Jonathan Boulle, founder of the RKT project and team lead at CoreOS

  • Bryan Cantrill, chief technology officer at Joyent;

  • Camille Fournier, ZooKeeper PMC member, committer;

  • Benjamin Hindman, Apache Mesos co-creator, founder and chief architect at Mesosphere;

  • Ken Owens, chief technology officer of cloud services at Cisco; and

  • Alexis Richardson, founder of Weave and chief executive officer at WeaveWorks.

The CNCF is a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project whose aim is to advance a common set of open source technologies to accelerate adoption of microservices, containers and cloud native applications.  The CNCF is also working with other Linux Foundation collaborative projects, such as the Open Container Initiative, which is establishing a standardized container image specification and runtime.

The CNCF governance model also includes a Governing Board and an End User Technical Advisory Board to guide business decisions and ensure alignment between the technologies and end user communities. For more information about the TOC’s work, please visit:

“The Cloud Native Computing Foundation is driving alignment of cloud native technologies in a vendor-neutral, open environment,” said Chris Aniszczyk, interim executive director of Cloud Native Computing Foundation at The Linux Foundation. “The TOC is comprised of cloud development and container technologies experts and will have an important role to play as additional technologies are accepted in the months ahead.”

Next steps for CNCF include:

  • Review additional projects, for cloud native applications and microservices;

  • publish and evolve processes for projects; and

  • establish a 1000-node cluster for the CNCF community to run and validate Cloud Native applications and infrastructure at scale.

For more information about the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, please visit:



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