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OpenDaylight Project Launches “Powered by OpenDaylight” Program for Ecosystem SDN Solutions

By 2016-09-268月 22nd, 2017Press Release

“Powered by OpenDaylight” signals high technical standards, quality expectations for OpenDaylight-based solutions

SEATTLE, OpenDaylight Summit, September 27, 2016–The OpenDaylight Project, the leading open source platform for programmable, software-defined networks, today announced the launch of its “Powered by ODL” program, which signals compliance with exceptional technical standards and quality for commercial products or services based on the platform.

The OpenDaylight ecosystem continues to grow and mature, with increasing numbers of solution providers incorporating OpenDaylight code into downstream commercial offerings. End users are increasingly turning to open source and OpenDaylight for speed of innovation, flexibility and improved interoperability. The “Powered by OpenDaylight” program was created to help end users identify quality OpenDaylight-based solutions, while supporting vendors with their go-to-market strategies.

Any individual or organization offering an OpenDaylight-based product or service may apply for the trademark. Products that are “Powered by OpenDaylight” must include specific core components from a recent release of the OpenDaylight code base, as approved by the OpenDaylight Board of Directors. These products qualify for the official “Powered by OpenDaylight” logo and unique product naming rights.

Initial OpenDaylight-based products expected to receive the “Powered by OpenDaylight” trademark include:

  • Brocade

  • Ericsson

  • HPE

  • Inocybe

  • Serro

“I am thrilled to announce the launch of our ‘Powered by OpenDaylight’ program,” said Neela Jacques, executive director of OpenDaylight. “This marks a turning point representing OpenDaylight’s emergence as an industry-wide de facto standard. The program will make it easier for end users to identify OpenDaylight-based solutions that meet their needs and also support our members’ contributing to and building products and solutions leveraging the OpenDaylight platform.”

To learn more about the “Powered by OpenDaylight” program or how to get involved, please email

Supporting quotes:

“As the first vendor to deliver a pure OpenDaylight commercial distribution, Brocade is very pleased to provide this added mark of quality assurance and community support to our customers,” said Kelly Herrell, senior vice president and general manager, Software Networking at Brocade. “We’re proud of the significant contributions we have provided to the OpenDaylight community since we joined as a founding member. Those contributions and the ‘Powered by OpenDaylight’ badge further reinforce Brocade’s commitment to deliver software networking solutions that promote openness and choice so customers can innovate faster.”

Susan James, head of Product Line NFV Infrastructure at Ericsson, says: “Being a platinum sponsor and a major contributor to the OpenDaylight project since its inception, we are very pleased to support this trademark program as a mark of quality assurance for NFVi and CloudSDN solutions to support our customers.”

“The ‘Powered by OpenDaylight’ badge provides powerful, widely recognized branding support for our solutions and as well as a good guideline for end users seeking to leverage the industry’s de facto open SDN platform,” said Mathieu Lemay, chief executive officer of Inocybe Technologies. “Moreover, this enables organizations to look beyond the most common use cases for SDN, to see how OpenDaylight can power various smart infrastructures (such as smart cities and buildings), IoT devices and even drones.”

“HPE has been a strong supporter and a founding member of the OpenDaylight project, and we are proud of the traction it has garnered as the leading open SDN platform,” said Nachman Shelef, vice president & general manager, HPE OpenSDN Business Unit, Communications Solutions Business, HPE. “Based on the recognition OpenDaylight has with our customers and the industry, we believe that the ‘Powered by OpenDaylight’ trademark will be a strong enhancement to our HPE OpenSDN portfolio.”

“A lot of our work around OpenDaylight originates from the customer need to upgrade and automate their infrastructure to deliver more services and reliability to their customers. OpenDaylight has been the constant in most of our SDN integration work, and this mark helps communicate the depth of features and breadth of support available,” said Nitin Serro, chief executive officer of Serro.

About the OpenDaylight Project

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