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Xen Project Welcomes Qualcomm to its Advisory Board

A world leader in next-generation wireless technologies joins open source project to accelerate ARM-server and hyperscale cloud development.

SAN FRANCISCO, December 19, 2016 – The Xen Project, a project hosted at The Linux Foundation, today announced that Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated, is a new Advisory Board member. Qualcomm Technologies actively contributes to the Xen Project hypervisor and is increasing its support for the foundational open source technologies that enable hyperscale cloud computing.

The Xen Project hypervisor is often first-to-market in offering support for the latest features in ARM and is heavily committed to pushing its technology forward with ARM-based servers. Xen Project virtualization has a lean architecture that is perfectly suited to ARM architecture-based solutions for data center applications, energy-efficient cloud operations as well as embedded applications.

“Qualcomm Technologies is committed to supporting many open source communities that power the foundation of hyperscale cloud computing, including Xen Project,” said Elsie Wahlig, director of product management, Qualcomm Datacenter Technologies. “As an advisory board member and through our code contributions, we are working to continue to make the Xen Project hypervisor a first-class hypervisor for the ARM architecture.”

Qualcomm Technologies is one of the top 10 contributors to the Xen Project’s latest release 4.8, which was released in early December. Qualcomm Technologies’ contributions include ARM enablement and bug fixes. The Xen Project continues to focus on improving performance, enhancing security and management, and fine-tuning the hypervisor for better ARM support to capitalize on new developments with mobile, cloud and web-scale computing.

“Xen Project virtualization has continually helped advance the server space and supports some of the largest clouds in production today,” said Lars Kurth, advisory chairperson for the Xen Project. “We’re excited to welcome Qualcomm Technologies as a new advisory board member. By stepping up their commitment to the Xen Project, Qualcomm Technologies is making a commitment to advance Xen Project virtualization now and into the future.”

Qualcomm Technologies joins 15 advisory board members who are committed to the segment and technical success of the Xen Project hypervisor. Member involvement includes, financial support, technical contributions and high-level policy guidance.

About Xen Project

Xen Project software is an open source virtualization platform licensed under the GPLv2 with a similar governance structure to the Linux kernel. Designed from the start for cloud computing, the Project has more than a decade of development and is being used by more than 10 million users. A Project at The Linux Foundation, the Xen Project community is focused on advancing virtualization in a number of different commercial and open source applications including server virtualization, Infrastructure as a Services (IaaS), desktop virtualization, security applications, embedded and hardware appliances. It counts many industry and open source community leaders among its members including: Alibaba, Amazon Web Services, AMD, ARM, Bromium, Cavium, Citrix, Huawei, Intel, Oracle, Qualcomm, and Rackspace. For more information about the Xen Project software and to participate, please visit

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