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ODPi Launches Apache Bigtop Grant Fund Program

By 2017-06-138月 22nd, 2017Press Release

Bigtop “Test Drive” Grant Program to further enterprise-wide production of Apache Hadoop

SAN FRANCISCO, June 13, 2017 – ODPi, a nonprofit organization accelerating the open ecosystem of big data solutions, today announced Apache™ Bigtop “Test Drive” Grant Program, a new grant funding program designed to increase developer involvement in the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) project. Through the program, ODPi is investing $50,000 to fund developer work with the world’s top Apache and big data developers and architects to expand Bigtop’s functionality and usability.

To apply to participate in the Bigtop “Test Drive” Grant Program, submit proposals here by Friday, July 14 at 11:59pm PST.

“By launching this program, we benefit the enterprise end-user, developers, and ultimately build a stronger relationship with the Apache Software Foundation and the big data communities hosted by it,” said Roman Shaposhnik, VP of Technology for ODPi and Apache Hadoop and Bigtop committer and ASF member. “We encourage the community to apply for a Bigtop grant and work alongside ODPi member companies IBM, SAS, Hortonworks, Splunk, GE and others as we strengthen and extend Apache Bigtop.”

Apply to Apache Bigtop “Test Drive” Grant Program

The ODPi Technical Steering Committee (TSC) is looking for Apache Hadoop ecosystem developers and/or big data practitioners building solutions for in-house or external clients to help further the features in Bigtop. This might be software development, developing new teaching materials, documenting best practices, standardizing APIs or doing research. The program will allow developers to hone their skills, build relationships with leading big data companies and earn monetary compensation. Beyond financial support, the TSC can also provide administrative support, promotion and some collaboration tools.

The program will run for six months, beginning August 1, 2017 and ending February 2, 2018. All participants will be given a dedicated mentor from the TSC and will be required to report their progress to the TSC on a monthly basis (first Thursday of each month). The TSC reserves the right to remove participants from the program.

Applicants will need to write a two to four-page proposal that describes the Bigtop problem they want to solve and the funding needed to solve the problem. The TSC will review all proposals and accepted program applicants will be announced Monday, July 31, 2017. Details regarding the proposal, including the submission process, can be found here.

“The ODPi investment means a lot to the Bigtop community,” said Evans Ye, Bigtop’s PMC Chair. “It marks a new milestone that the project not only supports distro vendors, but also, at a higher level, enterprises looking to increase their use of hybrid big data. I believe we’ll have great synergy because ODPi and Bigtop are both committed to making the big data ecosystem more open, connected and relevant.”

A comprehensive packaging, testing, and configuration suite of the leading open source big data components, Apache Bigtop supports a wide range of components/projects, including Hadoop, HBase and Spark. Grants will be awarded for work in the following functional areas: building, continuous integration (CI), testing, deployment, supported platform coverage, and list of supported big data components to expand the platform and set of tools for building standardized big data deployments. By enhancing automation and CI, extending the testing functionality and improving deployment, Bigtop will provide the big data operational predictability that enterprises require.

“In order to confidently expand Apache™ Hadoop® to enterprise-wide production use, businesses need to know that their preferred big data stacks will run predictably and Apache Bigtop can provide this confidence,” said John Mertic, Director, ODPi. “By launching Bigtop “Test Drive” Grant Program, ODPi is helping to add Bigtop functionality that will make the project even more valuable to enterprise end-users.”


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