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As Demand Skyrockets for Blockchain Expertise, The Linux Foundation and edX Offer New Introductory Blockchain Course and Blockchain for Business Professional Certificate Program

Rapid growth in demand for blockchain technology expertise inspires new training and certification options from host of popular Hyperledger project

SAN FRANCISCO, June 28, 2018The Linux Foundation, the nonprofit organization enabling mass innovation through open source, today announced enrollment is now open for a new LFS170x – Blockchain: Understanding Its Uses and Implications training course, as well as for a Blockchain for Business professional certificate program. Offered through the edX training platform, the new course and program provide a way to learn about the impact of blockchain technologies and a means to demonstrate that knowledge.

LFS170x is a free course offering an introduction to blockchain distributed ledger technology and how it is changing the way business is executed. The Blockchain for Business professional certificate requires students to obtain a verified certificate for the new LFS170x as well as the existing LFS171x – Blockchain for Business: An Introduction to Hyperledger Technologies course.

“In the span of only a year or two, blockchain has gone from something seen only as related to cryptocurrencies to a necessity for businesses across a wide variety of industries,” said Linux Foundation General Manager, Training & Certification Clyde Seepersad. “Providing a free introductory course designed not only for technical staff but business professionals will help improve understanding of this important technology, while offering a certificate program through edX will enable professionals from all over the world to clearly demonstrate their expertise. The Linux Foundation is proud to host Hyperledger as a collaborative project.”

Blockchain-related jobs are the second-fastest growing in today’s labor market according to TechCrunch. The new program is designed for the business professional who needs to understand the potential – or threat – of blockchain to their company and industry. Armed with better information of the blockchain landscape, this program will help them rise to new challenges in their current role by giving them a new dimension on which they can add value to their employer.

“We are honored to work with the Linux Foundation to offer a Professional Certificate program in Blockchain for Business,” said Anant Agarwal, edX CEO and MIT Professor. “As demand for Blockchain-related jobs increases across all industries, we are pleased to offer this introductory program to help our learners gain the knowledge needed to advance in this field. Professional Certificate programs on edX deliver career-relevant education in a flexible, affordable way, by focusing on the critical skills industry leaders and successful professionals are seeking today.”

LFS170x – Blockchain: Understanding Its Uses and Implications

LFS170x covers all the main concepts of what blockchain is, how it began as a triple ledger system first introduced for the administration of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, and how it is now applied to all aspects of business including government, banking, supply chains, and a host of other industries. The course also analyzes the concept of transparent ledgers, both public and permissioned, and focuses on using cryptography to achieve consensus, immutability, and governance of transactions.

The online course, accessible from anywhere in the world, also takes a deep dive into the various use cases of blockchain, complete with analyzing real examples of how different industries are executing the technology and improving their business.

Students should expect to learn:

  • What a blockchain is
  • Blockchain’s impact and potential for change around the world
  • How blockchain is applied to all aspects of business
  • Some of the immediate blockchain use cases in technology, business, and enterprise products and institutions

LFS170x was developed by experts from the Blockchain Training Alliance including CTO Ernesto Lee, Senior Instructor Kris Bennett and Director of Education Rosa Santos.

Registration for the course is available now with an official start date of August 1, 2018 at no cost. Students may add a verified certificate of completion for $99. Registration is open at

Professional Certification: Blockchain for Business

The professional Blockchain for Business Certificate is awarded to students who complete both LFS170x and LFS171x with verified certificates of completion. Students who complete this program will have demonstrated they have learned:

  • How to describe business blockchain and distributed ledger technologies to audiences with varying experience
  • Blockchain’s impact and potential for change around the world
  • Immediate blockchain use cases in technology, business, and enterprise products and institutions
  • Familiarity with current Hyperledger projects and cross-industry use cases
  • How to build simple applications on top of Hyperledger Sawtooth and Hyperledger Fabric
  • How to perform clean installations of the Hyperledger Sawtooth and Hyperledger Fabric frameworks

Students may register for both courses and the certificate program for a discounted price of $178.20 for a limited time, a $19.80 savings over registering for the courses with certificates of completion separately. Details can be found at

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