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Hyperledger Adds to its Global Community with 11 New Members

New Members BGI Shenzhen,, Lenovo, Shenzhen Ultrachain Technologies Part of Growing China Base

SAN FRANCISCO – (June 27, 2018) – Hyperledger, an open source collaborative effort created to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies, today announced 11 new members. The newest members hail from the U.S., Europe and Asia with a major wave of the new members from China.

Hyperledger has gained significant traction as a multi-project, multi-stakeholder effort and includes 10 business blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. While Hyperledger development and membership remains a global affair, the blockchain explosion in China is driving a new pace of adoption and innovation in the market. A recent infographic looked at data from China and showed that 20% make up the Hyperledger membership base and 10% of  contributors are from China.

“As blockchain technologies continue to prove their value in increasingly diverse applications, Hyperledger continues to gain traction and investment from an increasingly diverse membership base,” said Brian Behlendorf, Executive Director, Hyperledger. “We have members of all sizes from close to 30 countries that are transforming healthcare, financial services, supply chain management, digital identity management and other online and cloud-based businesses and services. Of late, it’s been exciting to see the rush of innovation in China and other Asian countries, where we have a large and growing base. However, we recognize that, thanks to our diverse community, enterprise blockchain technology is impacting companies and users around the world.”

Hyperledger aims to enable organizations to build robust, industry-specific applications, platforms and hardware systems to support their individual business transactions by creating enterprise-grade, open source distributed ledger frameworks and code bases. The latest general members to join the community are: Beike Finance, BGI Shenzhen Co., Ltd., Bit Game Foundation, Circulor,, Kyra Solutions, Lenovo, NuCypher, Optherium Labs, Shenzhen Onething Technologies and Shenzhen Ultrachain Technologies.

New member quotes:

Beike Finance

“The core business of Beike Finance is to provide financial services for real estate and home-servicing-related industries throughout China,” said Ling Kong, CEO of Beike Finance. “Through Fintech and our control of the transaction ecosystem, we aim to further standardize the industry through technology and process, thus providing relevant financial services as well as continuously improving the customer experience. This mindset is inseparable from leveraging breakthrough technological advances such as blockchain. Therefore, Beike Finance is elated to be a member of Hyperledger. We have set up a professional team to build and contribute back to the Hyperledger community, and are looking forward to communicating and interacting with other Hyperledger members to innovate applications of blockchain in the business sector.”

BGI Shenzhen Co., Ltd

“As the largest genome sequencing center in the world, BGI provides comprehensive sequencing and bioinformatics services for medical, agricultural and environmental applications. With the rapid development of high-throughput sequencing technology, we are now stepping into the Age of Data Life. When we produce and use medical and healthcare data for precision medicine or scientific research, it is also of great importance to keep an eye on data security and personal privacy,” said Meng Yang, Director of BGI Blockchain Initiative. “Today we are very pleased to join the Hyperledger family and looking forward to collaborating in our goal to deliver innovative blockchain solutions in the life science community, achieve the goal of personal privacy protection, and finally build a sustainable ecosystem of data sharing and application.”

Bit Game Foundation

“I am very glad that BIT.GAME is a member of Hyperledger,” said Eric Sun, CEO of BIT.GAME. “BIT.GAME is a token exchange and asset trading platform as well as a technology provider that serves Blockchain Game. BIT.GAME provides an incubation platform for Blockchain Game that helps game developers get invested based on DAICO. In addition,  BIT.GAME offers a complete technical solution designed for Blockchain Game developers that will be further strengthened by our work with Hyperledger.”


“Circulor is using distributed ledger technology to transform the supply chain for the metals in batteries used within electric vehicles and consumer electronics. Our mission is to help manufacturers ensure the materials they use are not mined using child labour, nor sourced from areas of conflict,” said Douglas Johnson-Poensgen, CEO of Circulor. “We are excited to join Hyperledger because we believe in the efficacy of open-source software development. We also feel that Hyperledger is a thriving and growing community co-developing an enterprise-grade platform, which is familiar to many of our target industrial users.”

“Blockchain technology is a revolution that can facilitate mutual trust in business and improve operational efficiency. The Hyperledger community is highly productive and has extensive practical experience. We are pleased to join this big family and will build win-win collaborations in the near future,” said Dr. Pei Jian, the Head of the Blockchain Technology team at “ will make full use of its own advances in big data, cloud computing and well-established bonds with enormous suppliers worldwide to build a blockchain-based ecosystem and accomplish new commercial values. Currently, blockchain has been used in the products of anti-counterfeiting traceability in for promoting and securing high-quality products.”


“Becoming a member of the Hyperledger community helps us explore all the possibilities blockchain opens up across industries,” said Dr. Yong Rui, Lenovo’s Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President. “We have identified this emerging technology as a key element in our investment strategy for cloud-enabled technologies. Along with other members, Lenovo will help drive the development of Hyperledger as well as blockchain technologies and to build a global blockchain ecosystem so that this technology can benefit customers and the industry.”


“As a member of Hyperledger, NuCypher will contribute its expertise in data privacy and security to help further commercial adoption of distributed ledgers,” said Derek Pierre, NuCypher’s Business Development Lead. “The goals of NuCypher and Hyperledger are aligned, and proxy re-encryption fulfills the promise of distributed ledger technology as it relates to secure data sharing and collaboration. We are very excited to bring proxy re-encryption to the Hyperledger ecosystem.”

Optherium Labs

“Hyperledger’s tools have been essential to building the Ecosystem we envisioned when we first set out to make the digital economy accessible and scalable to the world, from the largest financial institutions down to individual users,” said Serge Beck, CEO of Optherium Labs. “Joining Hyperledger as a member is a natural step for Optherium, and we look forward to working with the community to build the global infrastructure needed to realize the true potential of blockchain-based solutions.”

Shenzhen Onething Technologies

“We are very honored to join the Hyperledger community and look forward to contributing our experience in advancing cross-industry blockchain technologies and setting industry standards,” said Lei Chen, CEO of Xunlei and Onething, at Xunlei Limited. “Our high-performance blockchain platform ThunderChain opened up recently. A variety of applications are being developed on it for all walks of life. Becoming a member of Hyperledger will help us accelerate the connection between blockchain technology and the real economy.”

Shenzhen Ultrachain Technologies

“We’re honored to join Hyperledger,” said Louis Lin, Founder and Chief Executive of ULTRACHAIN TECH. “In terms of performance, architecture, and community, Hyperledger has many advantages. We look forward to working with Hyperledger to help the global community build the underlying technology platform of the blockchain, and use the technical features of the blockchain to help partners carry out traditional business transformation and new business construction.”

Join industry peers in helping build and shape the ecosystem for blockchain technologies, use cases and applications. More information on joining Hyperledger as a member organization can be found here:

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