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Tungsten Fabric Launches Carbide Quick Start Environment on AWS

New users can now get started with an open source scalable, multicloud, multistack SDN networking platform in 15 minutes

SAN FRANCISCO, September 20, 2018 — Linux Foundation Networking project, Tungsten Fabric, has launched a quick-start environment hosted at Amazon Web Services, targeting developers working with Kubernetes who have limited networking experience.

Making Tungsten Fabric easier to consume is a primary goal of the community. Users can easily deploy a configuration-free Kubernetes and Tungsten Fabric cluster in less than 15 minutes, based on average deployment times. There is no charge to use the quick start environment—called Carbide—beyond the AWS resources users consume running their deployments.

Software-Defined Networking is complex, and the Tungsten Fabric community developed Carbide to make getting started easier. Carbide demonstrates Tungsten Fabric’s public cloud and Kubernetes capabilities, and it provides a quick way for software developers using Kubernetes to get started with production-grade SDN on public cloud. Kubernetes operators and developers who need a full-featured SDN controller and want to start using Tungsten Fabric can stand up an environment quickly with their own AWS credentials.

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With the Carbide Quick Start Environment developers can:

  • Create a production-grade environment for development and testing of Tungsten Fabric
  • Evaluate the Tungsten and Kubernetes integration
  • Use the CloudFormation template as a baseline for building demos or proof of concept systems
  • Perform Tungsten Fabric scalability testing with no limits
  • Run a variety of performance tests simply by changing instance types and configuration parameters
  • Develop self-guided proof of concepts
  • Runn a true cloud-grade networking solution for Kubernetes

About Tungsten Fabric

Tungsten Fabric is an open source, scalable, multicloud, multistack networking platform. It provides a single point of control, observability and analytics for networking and security. Tungsten Fabric is integrated with private cloud stacks including Kubernetes, VMware and OpenStack. It also supports hybrid deployments with public clouds including AWS and GCE. More at

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