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Publishing Source Code for FOSS Compliance: Lightweight Process and Checklists

Ibrahim Haddad (Ph.D.), The Linux Foundation

The Open Compliance Program now offers comprehensive training, educational materials, compliance tools, an online community (FOSSBazaar), a best practices compliance checklist, a rapid alert directory of company compliance officers, and SPDXTM, a standard to help companies uniformly tag and report FOSS used in their products. This paper falls under the free educational resources made available by The Linux Foundation that focus on various practical aspects of achieving FOSS compliance in the enterprise. Our goal has been to assist organizations in recognizing and meeting their obligations when using FOSS in their commercial products. This paper discusses the aspect of publishing source code in meeting license obligations. It presents a sample process to follow when making source code available and offers checklists that you can use prior and post source code publication.

Download: Publishing Source Code for FOSS Compliance: Lightweight Process and Checklists.

About the Author (Ibrahim Haddad, Ph.D.)

Ibrahim Haddad, Ph.D., is the Director of Technology and Alliances at The Linux Foundation and Contributing Editor for the Linux Journal.

February 2012
The Linux Foundation
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