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How to Recruit and Hire Open Source Developers

Open source participation continues to rise in the enterprise, driving up demand for experienced open source developers.
Finding the right talent is the key to unlocking the powerful benefits of open source development, including faster time to market and greatly reduced development costs. But as more companies participate in open source, driven by necessity, competition for limited developer resources becomes more fierce.

As the nonprofit consortium behind Linux, the largest open source project in the history of computing, The Linux Foundation has a deep knowledge of the world of open source developers, its culture, and business applications. Founded in 2000, The Linux Foundation supports its member companies and the open source developer community, sponsoring events and open source projects that bring companies in direct contact with some of the most respected open source developers from around the world. Based on that expertise, this paper provides practical tips for companies on how to recruit and hire open source developers.

The Linux Foundation
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