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Cloud Native Computing Foundation Welcomes 38 New Members at Open Source Summit North America

Foundation reaches membership milestone, 10x growth in less than three years, from industry’s biggest cross-collaboration gathering around open source technologies

VANCOUVER, Canada – August 29, 2018 – Open Source Summit North America – The Cloud Native Computing Foundation® (CNCF®), which sustains and integrates open source technologies like Kubernetes® and Prometheus™, today announced that 38 new members have joined the Foundation – growing from 28 members at the Foundation’s launch in 2015 to 284 today.

According to the findings of CNCF’s brand new survey of nearly 2,500 developer or IT-related roles, the use of Foundation projects – including Envoy, Prometheus, containerd, and CoreDNS – is up over 200 percent on average in the last 6 months.This substantial growth in adoption is, in part, due to the advantages of having a neutral home for collaboration around cloud native projects. By joining CNCF, these new members are taking an active role in supporting the ecosystem’s growth and evolution.

“As the use and adoption of open source software continue to grow, it’s paramount that both individual and enterprise users contribute back to cloud native projects in order for the community to drive sustainable and agile innovation forward,” said Dan Kohn, Executive Director of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. “CNCF is thrilled to welcome these 38 new members and we look forward to bringing the entire community together later this year at our remaining KubeCon + CloudNativeCon events.”

The Foundation will host the inaugural KubeCon + CloudNativeCon China, from November 13-15 in Shanghai, and its annual North American KubeCon + CloudNativeCon event, from December 10-13 in Seattle – furthering the education and adoption of cloud native computing across the globe.

 About the newest Silver Members:

  • Aljabr’s mission is to unlock the power of reusable data pipelines for the cloud native era.
  • Altoros is a 300+ people strong consultancy helping Global 2000 organizations with a methodology, training, and end-to-end solution development—using cloud native technologies, blockchain, and AI.
  • Anaconda, Inc. is the most popular Python data science platform provider with 2.5 million downloads per month.
  • Armory is commercializing Spinnaker, an open source, multi-cloud continuous delivery platform for quickly releasing software.
  • Arrikto creates data management software for sharing cloud native environments across teams and locations.
  • Atomist is a platform purpose-built for delivering modern, cloud native applications, enabling teams to deliver software faster than ever imagined.
  • Banzai Cloud is simplifying the transition to microservices on Kubernetes.
  • BlueData provides the leading container-based software platform for AI, Machine Learning, and Big Data Analytics workloads – delivering easier, faster, and more cost-effective deployments with enterprise-grade security and performance.
  • BoxBoat is a premier container consultancy that enables faster development and automated deployments with Docker, Kubernetes, and cloud technologies.
  • Citrix (NASDAQ:CTXS) is powering a better way to work with unified workspace, networking, and analytics solutions that help organizations unlock innovation, engage customers, and boost productivity, without sacrificing security.
  • CloudBolt helps enterprise IT deploy and manage hybrid cloud infrastructure resources on multiple private and public cloud platforms including vCenter, OpenStack, AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform as well as integrate with configuration management tools including Ansible, Chef, and Puppet.
  • CloudZone By Matrix is a leading public and private cloud provider, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, a Gold Microsoft Azure Cloud Service Provider and a premium Google Cloud Platform Authorized Services Partner – offering a vast DevOps including designing, consulting, implementing and hands-on execution.
  • Cockroach Labs is a cloud native SQL database for building global, scalable cloud services that survive disasters.
  • ComponentSoft offers Kubernetes, Docker and OpenStack trainings, consultation, and support services throughout Europe and beyond, with 20+ years of experience in mission critical enterprise level open source systems.
  • DoiT International is a leading cloud consultancy specializing in cost optimization and cloud engineering in today’s multi-cloud world – delivering expert advice and tooling such as io and others for making cloud native application more cost effective.
  • ELASTX provides public cloud platforms and also hosted private Kubernetes with focus on security.
  • Exon LV is a software engineering company building solutions for cloud and Kubernetes – developing Containerum Platform for Kubernetes and providing enterprise-grade Kubernetes support and cluster maintenance.
  • Golden Gate University, founded in 1901, is a non-profit offering undergraduate and graduate programs in business and management, taxation, and law.
  • Gremlin aims to make the internet more reliable by preventing costly and reputation damaging outages – empowering engineers to safely experiment on complex systems to better understand weaknesses so they can build more resilient software.
  • InfraCloud Technologies provides product engineering and consulting services with a focus on cloud native computing to build web-scale products for startups/ISVs and helps enterprises modernize infrastructure and applications.
  • Kaloom is an emerging leader in fully automated data center networking software that significantly reduces the opex and enable certified solutions for white boxes to the Enterprises, Cloud, Gaming, DC operators and 5G Telco industries.
  • KubeMQ is a messaging backend, built for efficient migration from .NET/MSMQ environment to Kubernetes – providing smooth and graduate migration to containers architecture by addressing all .NET communication methods in Kubernetes environment.
  • Kumina designs, builds, operates and supports IT infrastructure solutions that help companies thrive online, excelling at Kubernetes and open source.
  • OCTO Technology is an IT consulting, design and implementation company.
  • OVH is a global, hyper-scale cloud provider that offers businesses industry-leading performance and value – managing and maintaining 28 data centers in 12 sites across 4 continents, and deploying its own global fiber optic network.
  • Pulumi provides a cloud native programming model and platform: real code (JS/TS, Python, and Go), to code, deploy, and manage cloud native apps: from infrastructure and containers, to kubernetes and serverless.
  • Replicated enables SaaS and software companies to leverage its cloud native architecture to ship the enterprise version of its applications in a “modern on-prem” fashion.
  • Scality builds the most powerful storage tools to make data easy to protect, search and manage anytime, on any cloud, giving customers the autonomy and agility necessary to be competitive in a data-driven economy.
  • Scalyr is the blazing-fast log management platform for the engineering front line –architected to be fast, simple, and shareable.
  • Sensu Inc. is the creator and maintainer of Sensu, the open source monitoring event pipeline – empowering businesses to automate their monitoring workflow and gain deep visibility into their infrastructure, applications, and operations.
  • SnapRoute is building the industry’s first microservices NOS for cloud native environments – elevating the NOS into the cloud native era to deliver a CI/CD network infrastructure for the DevOps age.
  • SysEleven provides premium internet services with focus on performant and highly available setups – made in Germany.
  • Volterra‘s Edge Services Platform (VES) addresses modern applications and autonomous systems requiring globally distributed connectivity and application delivery with operational and developer simplicity.
  • WaveMaker HyScale is a modern DevOps platform for container-based continuous delivery –giving enterprises automated containerization of applications, automatic deployment configuration, fine grained change-tracking and single pane of glass for provisioning into multiple Kubernetes clusters.
  • YLD is a custom software engineering consultancy pioneering in cutting-edge technologies such as Node.js, React.js and Kubernetes–enabling enterprises to innovate and stay ahead of competition.

 About the newest End-User Members & Supporters:

  • adidas employs 56,888 people from over 100 countries – producing more than 900 million product units every year and generating sales of € 21.218 billion.
  • Form3 provides a cloud native, real-time payment technology platform to banks and regulated fintechs.
  • JPMorgan Chase & Co. (NYSE: JPM) is a leading global financial services firm with assets of $2.6 trillion and operations worldwide – serving millions of customers in the U.S. and many of the world’s most prominent corporate, institutional and government clients.

adidas, Form3, and JPMorgan Chase join other end user companies including Box, Capital One, eBay, GitHub, Goldman Sachs, NCSOFT, The New York Times, Ticketmaster, Twitter, Vevo, and Zalando in CNCF’s End User Community. This group meets monthly and advises the CNCF Governing Board and Technical Oversight Committee on key challenges, emerging use cases and areas of opportunity and new growth for cloud native technologies.

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