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The Cloud Native Computing Foundation Announces 30 New Members

By 2017-10-231月 25th, 2018Press Release

Foundation Reaches 138 Member Mark At Open Source Summit Europe Event

PRAGUE – October 23, 2017 – Open Source Summit – T​he Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), which sustains and integrates open source technologies like Kubernetes and Prometheus, today announced that 30 new members joined the Foundation.

451 Research forecasts the global DevOps & microservices market is predicted to reach $10 billion by 2021, positioning cloud native technologies for rapid adoption.

“CNCF is thrilled to welcome our many new members from around the world in diverse industries, including financial leaders like Bloomberg and Morgan Stanley,” said Dan Kohn, Executive Director of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. “CNCF has now crossed over the 100 member mark in less than two years since we started, including the six largest public cloud providers. As our membership base diversifies, the ecosystem benefits from broader input, contributions and financial support to fuel more rapid adoption of cloud native computing.”

About the newest Silver Members:

  • ACEDEMAND IT Services has experience with software architecture and software development support to help with enterprise software projects.
  • Alauda, with its container-centric enterprise Platform-as-a-Service offerings, empowers professionals in software and IT with a razor focus on delivering cloud native capabilities and DevOps best practices to enterprise customers across industries.
  • Applatix provides products and services that help developers successfully run Kubernetes in development and production, including Argo – an open source container-native workflow engine for Kubernetes.
  • Aqua Security enables enterprises to secure their container-based applications from development to production, accelerating container adoption and bridging the gap between DevOps and IT security.
  • Buoyant builds open source service mesh infrastructure to help companies run their applications safely, securely and reliably.
  • Bloomberg is a global business and financial information powerhouse which uses innovative technology to deliver real-time data, news and analytics to influential decision makers across business, finance, government, policy and philanthropy.
  • Cloudvisory provides centralized management of cloud native security controls – delivering real-time visibility, intelligent micro-segmentation, security policy orchestration and continuous compliance enforcement for Kubernetes, AWS, Azure, OpenStack, VMware and bare metal environments.
  • ContainerShip is a multi-cloud CaaS platform that makes it easy to deploy, scale, manage and snapshot clusters on any of the integrated 14+ cloud providers or your own datacenter.
  • Dynatrace is the only digital performance management provider offering AI-powered, full stack, automated monitoring for today’s hypercomplex, webscale IT environments.
  • Ghostcloud is the biggest CaaS (container as a service) platform in the southwest of China, committed to helping enterprises transform from traditional IT to cloud native.
  • Giant Swarm manages Kubernetes Clusters on top of a secure, multi-tenant platform for enterprise companies, both on-premises and in the cloud.
  • GitLab is the leading integrated product for modern software development. Connecting issue management, version control, code review, CI, CD and monitoring into a single, easy-to-install application, GitLab helps teams go faster from idea to production.
  • Gravitational offers tools to manage distributed applications across multiple hosting regions, including on-premise clouds. Teleport enables RBAC for multi-region SSH and Telekube securely replicates and manages Kubernetes clusters across regions.
  • InfoSiftr– a global authority in container images – provides Docker Authorized Training, integration and consulting services, with a team that includes a Docker core maintainer as well as other contributors who support the container runtime spec – runC and containerd – and Docker CE.
  • Morgan Stanley is a leading global financial services firm providing investment banking, securities, wealth management and investment management services.
  • New H3C Technologies is a world-leading provider of New IT solutions, fully committed to the research & development, production, sales, consulting and services of New IT products and solutions.
  • Netsil provides observability and monitoring for cloud native applications – enabling real-time visibility into the health and performance of applications, without any code instrumentation.
  • Nirmata provides multi-cloud Kubernetes cluster management for enterprise IT, as well as simplified delivery, management and governance of cloud native applications for product development and operations teams.
  • OpenEBS is open source containerized storage natively integrated into Kubernetes that delivers per Pod or microservice storage policies such as cross cloud replication.
  • Platform9’s next-generation open cloud is built on a SaaS architecture that runs across any data-center or public cloud – making it easy for enterprises to deploy, manage and maintain hybrid clouds using industry standard cloud frameworks such as Kubernetes, OpenStack and Fission.
  • Qualcomm‘s technologies are revolutionizing industries, including automotive, computing, IoT, healthcare and data center, and are allowing millions of devices to connect with each other in ways never before imagined. Qualcomm Datacenter Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of QUALCOMM Incorporated, introduced Qualcomm Centriq™, a new family of ARM-based processors, to address the needs of today’s datacenter.
  • RackN is using fast, simple and open automation to change the economics of the data center.
  • io enables developers to remotely update and manage code running on fleets of Linux-based connected devices – bringing a modern software development workflow, including Docker, to the Internet of Things.
  • WSO2 provides a 100 percent open source unified platform to build, scale and secure enterprise applications – enabling companies to innovate faster and digitally transform.

About the newest End-User Members & Supporters:

  • GitHub – the largest open source community in the world – enables developers to create and maintain influential technologies from more than 68 million repositories worldwide.
  • Kuelap is a cloud native platform for digital financial services based on the open source Apache Fineract framework and other open source standards – providing fast, low-cost mobile delivery of digital financial services to four billion people across the world who do not have access to financial services.
  • Reddit – dubbed “the front page of the Internet” – is the home of conversation online. With more than 330 million global users monthly, Reddit is home to the most open and authentic conversations online.
  • The New York Times Company is a global media organization known for excellence in its journalism, innovation in its print and digital storytelling, and its business model.
  • The Wikimedia Foundation is the nonprofit organization that supports Wikipedia and its mission of free knowledge for all.
  • Zendesk is a cloud-based company that builds software for better customer relationships – empowering organizations to improve customer engagement and better understand their customers.

Bloomberg, Reddit, GitHub, Kuelap, The Wikimedia Foundation, Zendesk, Morgan Stanley and The New York Times join other end user companies including Box, Capital One, eBay, Goldman Sachs, NCSOFT, Ticketmaster, Twitter, Vevo and Zalando in CNCF’s End User Community. This group meets monthly and advises CNCF Governing Board and Technical Oversight Committee members on key challenges, emerging use cases and areas of opportunity and new growth for cloud native technologies. This month, Sam Lambert, Senior Director of Infrastructure Engineering at GitHub, was elected by the End User Community to the Technical Operating Committee (TOC) – joining other TOC members and representing CNCF’s growing community of end users.

Additionally, CNCF is a Sponsor of Open Source Summit Europe – where Kohn will present “Migrating Legacy Monoliths to Cloud Native Microservices Architectures on Kubernetes,” and Chris Aniszczyk, COO of CNCF, will offer a “Cloud Native Update” during his keynote with Riyaz Faizullabhoy, Security Engineer at Docker.

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