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Open Container Initiative、Distribution Specificationプロジェクトを発表

By 2018-04-094月 11th, 2018Press Release


2018年4月9日サンフランシスコ発 – コンテナ関連のオープンな業界標準の作成を目指すオープンソース コミュニティであるOpen Container Initiative (OCI) は、Distribution Specificationプロジェクトの立ち上げを発表しました。コンテナ イメージのプッシュとプルをサポートするDocker Registry v2プロトコルの仕様に基づくコンテナ イメージ配布の標準化に取り組みます。

コンフォーマンス テストと組み合わされた信頼できる共通の配布仕様により、クラウド ネイティブ / コンテナ エコシステム全体の相互運用性が保証されます。Docker Registry v2プロトコルは、コンテナ レジストリの実装全体における事実上の標準になっており、新しい配布仕様に取り組むOCIプロジェクトの仕様としての役割を果たします。

OCIのエグゼクティブ ディレクターであるChris Aniszczykは、次のように述べています。
「コンテナおよびクラウド ネイティブ技術が急速に発展している中、コミュニティは仕様を進化させる中立的な場とともに更なる相互運用性を可能にする配布のための信頼できる業界標準を必要としています。OCIのコントリビューターとメンテナーは、コンテナ標準コミュニティの仕様の適用を協力して推進するために熱心に取り組んでおり、今後はコンテナ配布にも着手するでしょう。」

当プロジェクトのリリースは、コンテナの標準化にコミットしている何百人ものOCIコントリビューターおよび企業・組織の支援と、主要なメンテナーであるDerek McGowan、Stephen Day、Vincent Battsによる広範囲に及ぶ作業の結果です。

OCIメンバーの声 (原文)

“Docker’s contribution of the Docker Registry V2 specification aligns with our history of making key open source projects available to the community,” said Michael Crosby, Docker engineer and maintainer and chairman of the OCI Technical Oversight Board (TOB). “As with the runtime and image specification, Docker’s registry protocol has become a defacto standard with over 40 billion images pulled using this protocol. We are excited by the support that the distribution spec project is getting from the members of the community and we know their backing of resources will fuel the growth of this collaborative project and evolve the specification to provide the underpinning of all container registries on the market.”

“Now that the OCI image and runtime specifications have reached v1.0, it is time to collaborate on developing the OCI specification for distributing those images” said Vincent Batts, principal software engineer, Office of the CTO, Red Hat. “Building on existing industry experience and contributions from the community, we look forward to a distribution standard to complement our ability to create and launch standard OCI images.”

“We are happy to see the community working together to define a container image distribution standard, and AWS is excited to participate actively in these discussions to represent our customers. While ECR supports the Docker Registry v2 today, we believe that working toward open standards will help maintain interoperability between specifications while supporting customers adopting containers and overall ecosystem growth,” said Deepak Singh, Director, Compute Services, AWS.

“As production use of containers increases, our customers need to rely on consistent distribution and provenance. Google Cloud is pleased to see the industry coalescing around the OCI specifications including the newest Distribution Specification. As these specifications continue to evolve, we look forward to evaluating them to determine how they can be applied to Google technology and better serve our customers,” said Sarah Novotny, Open Source Strategy Lead, Google Cloud.

“We believe that customers should not worry about choosing a container technology for its portability, which is the primary goal of establishing OCI – to create industry-wide container standards. Thanks to the OCI, customers can consume different container engines based upon different scenarios on Huawei Cloud. The standardization of container distribution will build a better ecosystem around containers, and make both Huawei and customers more confident about offering and having more choices on container technologies,” said Xiaoli Jiang, General Manager of Cloud Open Source Ecosystem, Huawei.

“IBM is proud to have been a founder, contributor and early adopter of OCI’s standardization work for our enterprise-grade Cloud Container Service,” said Todd Moore, VP of Open Technology, Digital Business Group at IBM. “The creation of the Distribution Specification project is the next logical step in standardizing open container technologies that offer the cloud native ecosystem a unified industry approach. Our clients trust IBM to help them ensure freedom of choice throughout their entire container management life-cycle.”

“With the distribution specification joining the Open Container Initiative all three core components of containers – runtime, image format and distribution – are on the path to standardization, ensuring continued interoperability across the ecosystem. The Azure Container Registry was implemented using the open source Docker Registry v2, which now serves as a foundation for the OCI distribution spec,” said Taylor Brown, Principal Lead Program Manager, Cloud and AI, Microsoft.

“The delivery of container images is an important aspect of the container ecosystem and flow. SUSE is glad that OCI is now driving the distribution standard, and we’re excited to help further extend the proposed specification alongside the rest of the OCI community” said Alan Clark, Director of Industry Initiatives, Emerging Standards and Open Source at SUSE.

“Defining common standards for containers is incredibly important for our enterprise customers, many of whom use them to move HPC workloads to the cloud so they can repeatedly deliver a consistent application or service implementation. The OCI distribution specification demonstrates a new level of maturity in the container ecosystem, and will help ensure interoperability and protect our customers’ technology investments,” said Rob Lalonde, Univa Vice President and General Manager, Navops.

OCI Distribution Specificationプロジェクトの詳細は、こちら ( をご覧ください。

Open Container Initiative (OCI) について

Open Container Initiativeは、コンテナ フォーマットとランタイム関連のオープンな業界標準を作成するという明確な目的のもとに立ち上がったオープン ガバナンス機構です。OCIに関連するプロジェクトはこちらをご覧ください。OCIコミュニティへの参加方法はこちらをご覧ください。

Open Container Initiativeは、Linux Foundation協業プロジェクトです。Linux Foundation協業プロジェクトは、独立した資金によるソフトウェア プロジェクトで、共同開発の力で業界やエコシステム全体のイノベーションを推進しています。



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