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Open Container Initiative Welcomes Alibaba Cloud as Newest Member

Chinese cloud giant joins OCI efforts to help drive global container standardization

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – August 29, 2018 ​–The Open Container Initiative (OCI), an open source community for creating open standards around containers, today announced that Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm of Alibaba Group, has become a member of the Initiative.

As the largest provider of public cloud services in China, according to IDC, Alibaba Cloud runs one of the world’s most extensive cloud native applications on top of millions of container instances and processes up to 325,000 transactions per second.

“With cloud investments throughout China set to boom in the coming years, the region and beyond will undoubtedly benefit from investments in a set of common, open containers standards from global leaders like Alibaba Cloud,” said Chris Aniszczyk, Executive Director of the OCI. “We’re happy to have the Alibaba team lend its massive-scale expertise to this community as we work to drive improvements to our projects and the availability of our Distribution Specification later this year.”

“Container standardization allows the entire world to speak the same language and benefits hosting providers, ISV, developers and end users alike,” said Junjie Cai, Chief Architect of Elastic Compute Service, Alibaba Cloud. “As we believe that common specifications give customers more value from the cloud, we’ve adopted the OCI v1.0 specifications – both in our internal infrastructure as well as the public container service available in Alibaba Cloud. We also contribute to leading container projects like containerd and recently open-sourced our own container project, Pouch. Alibaba Cloud is thrilled to join OCI and offer our deep container experience to the Initiative, while collaborating with the community to standardize the space.”

As an active member and advocate for open standards, Alibaba looks forward to furthering OCI’s efforts throughout the container ecosystem – making the cloud infrastructure layer more democratic to better serve end users and enable cloud vendors to avoid duplicate efforts while focusing on higher-value innovations.

 To learn more about Pouch, the open source project from Alibaba Cloud, read this blog.

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Open Container Initiative(开放容器计划)欢迎Alibaba Cloud(阿里云)作为最新成员加入


 加州旧金山—2018 年8 月29 日—创建容器开放标准的开源社区,开放容器计划(OCI)今天宣布,阿里巴巴集团的云计算部门阿里云加入该计划。

根据IDC,阿里云是中国公共云服务规模最大的提供商,在数百万个容器实例顶端,运行着世界上最广泛的云原生应用,每秒处理多达325,000 件事务。

OCI 执行董事Chris Aniszczyk 表示:“随着中国区域云投资在未来数年的蓬勃发展,该地区内外无疑将得益于阿里云等全球领导者对一套通用、开放容器标准的投资。”“我们很高兴,阿里巴巴团队能够向这个社区提供大规模的专业知识,我们正在努力改进项目,并在今年晚些时候推出分布规范。”

阿里云弹性计算服务的首席架构师蔡俊杰表示:“容器标准化让全世界都可以说同样的语言,且托管提供商、ISV、开发人员和最终用户将同样受益。”“我们深信,通用规范能让客户从云中获得更多价值,现已在内部架构以及阿里云提供的公共容器服务采用OCI v1.0 规范。我们也大力投入领先的容器项目,例如,containerd和我们自己的最新开源容器项目,Pouch。阿里云对于加入OCI 深感高兴,将为该计划提供深入的容器体验,同时与社区合作,从而规范这一空间。”

作为开放标准的积极成员和倡导者,阿里巴巴期待着在整个容器生态系统中深入OCI 的工作——使云架构层更加民主,以更好地服务于最终用户,并使云开发商能够避免重复劳动,同时专注于更高价值的创新。

 若要了解有关阿里云开源项目Pouch 的更多信息,欢迎阅读本篇博客文章


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